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Nothing makes a bolder fashion statement than a tanzanite ring

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Gemstones have always been a bold choice for jewelry, especially when it’s something as beautiful and rare as tanzanite (a thousand times rarer than diamonds). The world of gemstone jewelry is filled with a plethora of options to suit every woman’s choice and desire. While necklaces and pendants draw attention towards your neck, bracelets add to the elegance of your wrists. Similarly, earrings can add a flattering look to your face structure. But one of the most adored pieces of jewelry will always be rings. In addition to their always appealing appearances, women also have an emotional sentiment attached to rings. This is mainly because it is a representation of love and a celebratory token of relationships or accomplishments and can be worn just about anytime, with anything. 

TopTanzanite is a brand that truly understands these sentiments, especially when it comes to tanzanite jewelry. With over four decades of experience in the industry and experienced artisans who create absolutely stunning tanzanite gemstone designs, Top Tanzanite has real expertise in making high-quality tanzanite jewelry.

So when it comes to rings, there are quite a few options in our catalogue and to help you get started, here are a few of our most exquisite tanzanite ring designs you could choose:-

1. Cushion-cut Tanzanite Ring: This tanzanite diamond ring has a color blend of violet and blue from the beautiful gemstone that’s placed at the centre of a diamond-studded design. The intricate cut of the stone gives the ring a truly elegant finish. The tanzanite stone has dimensions of 8x8mm with 2.74ct of weight. The diamonds weigh in at 0.52 ct and it’s all set perfectly in lustrous 14K white gold. 

2. Oval Tanzanite Ring: The prominent color schemes used in this tanzanite ring are yellow gold, silver and blue. The 14 carat yellow gold body is associated with 0.28 ctw diamonds. These branches go around the stone forming a serpentine structure.

3. Round Tanzanite Ring: This ring design forms an attractive floral inspired structure. The tanzanite stone is positioned in the center of four petal-shaped arrangements. The rose gold setting perfectly complements the shine and lustre of the studded diamonds. The proportions of the 1.63 ct round cut tanzanite stone is 13x10mm.

These are just a few of the meticulously designed pieces from our wide collection of statement tanzanite rings offered in our collection. Apart from rings, Top Tanzanite also has a wide variety of tanzanite jewelry including pendants, bracelets, studs and earrings. Being the market leaders, we believe in setting the standards of quality. Hence, we offer a Certificate of Authenticity with all our products and a lifetime warranty. Our efforts to constantly strive for complete customer satisfaction helps make the buying process simpler for all our consumers. That being said, we also take care of every product’s safe delivery without any extra charges, all across the United States. 

So don’t wait, empower yourself with a bold tanzanite ring and make a style statement of your own.  

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