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Our Top 4 Terrific Tanzanite Pendants

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Tanzanite and diamond necklace

Tanzanite has acquired popularity in recent times owing to its striking blue color. Tanzanite is officially named as the birthstone for the December-born. The stone inspires calm, and compassion. While we’ve spoken extensively about the gemstone and the properties it inspires, let us delve into how tanzanite looks when studded on a pendant. 

Tanzanite Pendants make for a fascinating accessory. A well-designed pendant can add a level of panache to every ensemble you can put together. But when you put fabulous design around a tanzanite gemstone, you’ll have something that’s nothing short of glamorous. 

Top Tanzanite has been dealing in this gemstone for over four decades. We have established a steadfast reputation as a successful mine-to-market brand with a wide collection of stunning jewelry, like these beautiful tanzanite pendants: -

Oval Tanzanite Pendants

Oval Opulence

The 1.11-ct oval tanzanite stone is embellished by diamonds worth 0.42 cttw, set in 14-carat yellow gold. The diamonds are positioned in a Pave setting, imparting a sense of continuity. This also gives impetus to the tanzanite gem and its magnificent violet and blue hues. The overall design imparts a sense of unmatched regality and magnificence as tanzanite and diamond necklaces go

Oval Tanzanite Pendant
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Eminence in Oval 

Another stunning pendant design involves a 1.42 ct AAAA quality oval tanzanite, surrounded by 0.61 Cttw of diamonds set in a tri-prong setting and finished in 14-carat Rose Gold. Apart from ensuring that the diamonds are well supported, the prongs impart cadence to the design. 

Pear Tanzanite Pendant

Pretty Pear 

This pendant has a contemporary edge. The design spotlights a 2.42-ct AAAA pear-shaped tanzanite gem, supported by 14-carat yellow gold prongs. The design is glorified by two rows of diamonds worth 0.27-cttw, comfortably twisting around the tanzanite, lending a fascinating appeal.

Loose Gemstones
You could also consider loose tanzanite gemstones for sale, like this 21.14-ct AAAA quality emerald cut tanzanite. Imagine this bright blue, expertly cut gem studded onto a magnificent pendant that would make a truly phenomenal  tanzanite necklace. We offer customization services, so connect with us to find out more about our processes.

Emerald Cut Gemstone

If these gorgeous pendants have caught your fancy, you can make them yours in just a few clicks. But we have a much wider collection of tanzanite jewelry for sale on our website, in the form of bracelets, rings, earrings and more. Each order ships for free within the US and with a 30 day money back gaurantee.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media to get an update on the latest offers, discounts and new releases. 

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