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Passionately designed Pear-Shaped Tanzanite jewelry

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Pear-shaped gems are cut as such, to produce an enchanting theme when positioned within masterfully designed jewelry. They can be fashionable yet classic, all at once. A combination of the marquis - long and elongated - and the popular round cut, the pear shape originated in the 15th century. 

The shape itself signifies passion, gracefulness, and elegance. Each pear-shaped piece of jewelry at TopTanzanite is passionately designed by some of the world’s finest artisans, to look like little ‘raindrops from heaven’. Here are a few choices from our collection of tanzanite jewelry that embody that sentiment precisely: -

An ImpressiveTanzanite Pendant

This pendant, with its classic 1.63 CT pear-shaped tanzanite gemstone, sparkling amidst a halo of diamonds, is a combination of charm and suave style. The droplet styled jewel creates a mesmerizing appeal that draws you in, and more so thanks to the dazzle of white diamonds.  

Pear Tanzanite Pendant

Regal Tanzanite Earrings

These graceful pear-shaped tanzanite and diamond earrings are a great choice, if you’re going for that royal look. The halo of sparkling round diamonds, encompassing each tanzanite stone, highlights the gorgeous color. These tanzanite earrings will make a great gift to celebrate your own achievements or to showcase your affection for a loved one. Customize the design by choosing the gemstone’s grade or the metal color that goes from 14K white gold to 18K rose gold. 

Pear Tanzanite And Diamond Earring

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Charismatic Tanzanite Ring

A distinctive tanzanite ring, it features round diamonds around the prong settings of the  1.33 CT pear-shaped gemstone. The diamonds form a three string-pattern that tapers out and blends with the shank, as a single diamond string makes its way further down. A truly luxurious piece for any occasion. 

Pear Tanzanite Ring

Dazzling Tanzanite and Diamond Bangle

This brilliant tanzanite bracelet is the perfect closure to our pear-shaped tanzanite-themed list. Our Kavita tanzanite and diamond bangle has two pear-shaped tanzanite stones surrounded by an array of diamonds at each end. They’re designed quite seamlessly to form a leaf-like style that makes the overall design absolutely stunning.

Tanzanite And Diamond Bangle

We offer the rarest and widest collection of tanzanite necklaces, rings, pendants, and even loose tanzanite gemstones for sale. Each purchase can be shipped for free within the US*. View our entire collection of stunning tanzanite jewelry for sale on our website and follow us on social media for the latest updates and exclusive offers.

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