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Pear-Cut Tanzanite Earrings: Droplets Of Beauty

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The tanzanite gemstone, one of only two trichroic gemstones in the world, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Its ability to showcase three colors: violet, blue and red, when viewed from different angles, is truly impressive. A part of the zoisite family, the gemstone occurs in nature in shades of brown. After undergoing a heat treatment, the color that we love so much shines through. 

The reserves of the tanzanite gemstone, found only in Tanzania, are set to run out in the next 20 

to 25 years. Therefore, owning jewelry made with this gemstone has become quite meaningful. Here are some of our pear-cut tanzanite earring recommendations for when  you’re looking for stylish and chic tanzanite jewelry:-

A Fusion of Style

This stylish pair of tanzanite earrings is a show-stopper thanks to its unique design. The violetish-blue tanzanite gemstones are brilliantly set with v-shaped prongs.

While the precious stone takes center stage, it is the placement of the diamonds, in an unusual channel setting, that steals the show. The earrings can be customized either in 14K-18K White Gold. 

 Pear Tanzanite Earring

Glitter of Gold

The sparkle of the blue tanzanite gemstone is enough to make one fall in love with this pair of earrings. The pear-cut tanzanite earrings glitter wonderfully in 14K Yellow Gold. The two rows of diamonds surrounding the precious stones gleam brightly in this shared prong setting. 

AAAA Pear Tanzanite Earring


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The Magic of Tanzanite

Next on our list is this elegant pair of tanzanite and diamond earrings. The spectacular tanzanite gemstone has been set securely with a v-prong setting in 14K Yellow Gold. The French pave setting for the bright, round-cut diamonds looks extraordinary and further enhances the brilliance of the tanzanite gemstones. 

 Tanzanite Earring

An Iridescent Combination

Our white gold tanzanite earrings shine brightly with their combination of radiant diamonds and violetish-blue tanzanite gemstone. The stone at the center of the design has been set using a combination of v-prongs and regular prongs, due to its pear shape.

A unique take on the teardrop style of earrings, one can customize this in 14K or 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. 

Tanzanite Halo Earring

Top Tanzanite takes immense pride in ensuring that every gemstone is sourced ethically and is environmentally safe, fair, and conflict-free.

We are a true mine-to-market company, which is why we have come to be known as a brand that values customer service as much as quality and authenticity.  

So when you want to get a pair of stunning tanzanite earrings, look no further. You can also explore our entire range of gorgeous tanzanite jewelry, featuring bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

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