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Steal the spotlight with these 3 tanzanite rings

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When it comes to colorful gemstones, the luxurious hues of tanzanite, in all their vibrance, create an attraction like no other. It is this very aspect that sets the gemstone apart from the others. The beauty of tanzanite is further enhanced by its high level of transparency and clarity, which allows light to pass through the stone and create dazzle that would compete with the very best of them.

When we, at Top Tanzanite, set it into a ring, the beauty of the gemstone is accentuated by our intricate designs, which makes each one a compelling piece of jewelry to own. Whether it’s a simple solitaire setting or surrounded by diamonds or other gems, tanzanite rings are simply beautiful and sophisticated, perfectly poised for any and every occasion. 

Here is a list of three brilliantly real tanzanite rings that will ensure you stand out, wherever you go:

Remarkable round-cut tanzanite ring

The exquisite design and elegance of the ring make it a perfect choice for special moments like engagements or even a romantic proposal. Tanzanite and diamonds when paired together, create a stunning contrast that draws attention and makes a statement. With its combination of beauty and brilliance, this round-cut ring, from our collection of tanzanite engagement rings will become a treasured piece in your jewelry box.

tanzanite engagement rings

Captivating cushion-cut tanzanite ring

Tanzanite is truly captivating, especially with its trichroic hues. The enticing bluish-violet gemstone in a prong setting, as the center stone, creates an aesthetic of a white gold masterpiece. Moreover, the round diamonds cascading down the shank are just another tribute to the passion our in-house artisans bring to the fore. Its fabulous look makes the ring an ideal purchase for those who appreciate classic designs with a modern twist.

real tanzanite rings


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Ostentatious oval tanzanite ring

This ring, embellished with oval tanzanite and encircled by a halo of sparkling diamonds, is the very essence of luxury. An intricate pattern of round diamonds that go down the shank compliments the majestic charm of the tanzanite gemstone, giving the design a touch of royalty. Additionally, the attractiveness of the ring is enhanced when chosen in yellow gold. This vibrant cocktail tanzanite ring will become a perfect piece when you wish to add that opulence to your every ensemble. 

tanzanite rings

No matter which of these rings you choose, the spotlight will be on you. In our wide collection of real tanzanite rings and other tanzanite jewelry, we also have vintage tanzanite rings for anyone who prefers a more contemporary style.

At Top Tanzanite, we house the finest tanzanite jewelry, ethically sourced. Visit our website to select from a variety of great options and get free shipping all across the United States*.

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