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Tanzanite and yellow gold - a royal combination

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The color blue has been associated with royalty for a long time now, and tanzanite, preferred by many royals and celebrities today, is known for its elegance. As a compliment to the beauty of the tanzanite gemstone, when set in yellow gold and studded with diamonds, the result is nothing short of an irresistible regality and sophistication. 

With an industry presence of over 40 years that employs only the finest artisans and designers in the business, at Top Tanzanite, we  have a deep understanding of jewelry creation. To that end, and keeping this very combination of colors in mind, we’ve curated four yellow gold tanzanite jewelry pieces here for anyone seeking that royal motif:

A Royal Tanzanite Ring

The 6.32ct AAAA oval tanzanite gem glistens at the center of this ring, clutched carefully by a prong setting and looking spectacular as it rises out of a bed of diamonds. The rows of multi-sized diamonds create a wave of elegance around the gemstone and the 14K yellow gold is the final piece that brings it all together.  

Oval Tanzanite Ring

Perfectly Poised Tanzanite Pendant

This oval 1.43 ct AAAA grade violetish blue gemstone, set in 14k yellow gold is a picture of luxury. The diamonds that encircle the oval gemstone in a halo, stretch up to the bail in a seamless loop, with a bridge, allowing the tanzanite piece to dazzle in its trichroic beauty. The design radiates a glow that will draw you in. 

Oval Tanzanite Pendant
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Luxurious Tanzanite bracelets

When it comes to bracelets or bangles, we offer a wide range of designs, each one unique, beautiful and able to complete every royal ensamble to perfection. Most can be customized, should you wish to choose a different metal color from yellow gold. And although their sophistication is retained, the partnership of tanzanite’s violetish blue and yellow gold, is a match made in jewelry heaven. 

Tanzanite And Diamond Bracelet

Glorious Oval Tanzanite Earrings

A string of sparkling round-cut diamonds culminates into a halo that perfectly engulfs the gorgeous tanzanite gemstone. The gem is heated just precisely, to create the stunning violetish-blue hues it emanates, to go wonderfully with the stylish design of these danglers. Customize the pair by choosing 14K or 18K yellow gold to get that royal touch. 

Oval Tanzanite And Diamond Earring

All our products are backed with a certificate of authenticity and lifetime warranty. So when you want to put together a royal look, choose any of these, or something else from our extensive catalog of stunning tanzanite jewelry for sale. Visit our website and browse through our collection of ethically sourced tanzanite gemstone jewelry and follow us on social media for the latest updates and exciting deals.

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