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Tanzanite grading: What you, as a customer, should know

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Certain standards must be met to ensure that each stone is brought to market ethically and customer satisfaction is always high. Tanzanite jewelry by Top Tanzanite is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that lists a stone's and confirms the gemstone was mined.

Top Tanzanite, along with other leading brands, grade our gemstones as natural AAAA, AAA, or AA quality stones. 

Natural AAAA - Tanzanite with this status is the most valuable and rare and tends to have an intense blue and purplish tint. 

Natural AAA - The top 20%-30% of natural tanzanite available is natural AAA, with medium violet-blue and subtle gray and their inclusions are moderate to slight.

Natural AA -  There is about 50%-75% of moderately included natural AA tanzanite available in the tone of violet-blue and gray.

As a consumer, it’s important to note that exceptional tanzanite gemstones exhibit an extraordinary violet/ blue color with flashes of red. The gem typically reveals these shades due to its strong pleochroism. Today, most tanzanite jewelry designs have inclusions that are visible only under very high magnification; a eye visible inclusion may alter the value of the gemstone.

The gemstones can be found in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and faceting designs.

Carat -  The best gemstone be the diamond, ruby, sapphire or indeed tanzanite are often the biggest one.

Cut - Tanzanite's color is strongly influenced by the angle of the cut, which can show different colors under different lighting conditions while determining the gem's face-up color. A well proportioned 1ct tanzanite will eclipse a poorly cut 2ct one.

Color - The higher a gem’s saturation is, the more vivid it’s color.

Tone - Tone is measured with numerical values between 1 and 10, assigned from colourless to black. It can consistently be seen by the human eye between the ranges of 2 (very light) to 8 (very dark). Tanzanite is generally between 4 (medium light) to 7 (dark).

Saturation - Saturation ranges from 1-6, with 1 being a desaturated color and 6 being an exceptionally vivid gem. A top quality tanzanite stone would be rated 5-6 (medium or medium dark) in tone and 6 (vivid) in saturation. 

If you are planning to buy tanzanite as loose stones or jewelry, Top Tanzanite has a wide and beautiful collection of tanzanite jewelry for sale. We offer remarkably intricate collections in the form of tanzanite rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Top Tanzanite is a mine-to-market brand with years of experience in the industry and a team of highly talented artisans who can create and customize superb tanzanite jewelry on request. We ensure that your jewelry buying experience is as seamless and perfect as possible.

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