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Tanzanite - It's Metaphysical properties and what they mean

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Tanzanite is a truly enchanting gemstone with it’s radiant colors that range from lilac-blue to sapphire blue, into a deep blue-violet tone. It is believed to have formed when lightning struck the grasslands surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, setting the earth ablaze and the heat causing the stones to get their magnificent color. It’s this intriguing backstory that makes tanzanite gemstones so much more appreciated than just the fact that they make truly beautiful jewelry.  

Tanzanite is one of just three gemstones to be added to the American Gem Trade Association's birthstone list, since 1912. It was added in 2002 as a December birthstone. Worn as tanzanite jewelry, the gemstone stays inside one's auric field while it elevates your cognizance to a persistently higher state. Some believe that it helps detoxify the body, making it a brilliant gem to possess in the form of tanzanite rings, tanzanite bracelets, and tanzanite earrings

Tanzanite is considered to be a gem for those who want to initiate the exploration of psychic forces. It is said to enhance psychic abilities and vibratory rates, allowing practitioners to connect with spiritual dimensions. But it is also said to be responsible for contributing to physical wellbeing, emotional stabilization, and healing as it facilitates higher consciousness and improves intuition and perception. In fact, tanzanite gemstones are widely used to open the third-eye and crown chakras. Tanzanite is also said to work well for calming the mind by creating a new energy that transforms negative energy while helping the wearer overcome fears and build trust with others and themselves. 

At Top Tanzanite, we bring you these exceptional gems that are ethically sourced directly from the mines and meticulously designed into elegant jewelry pieces to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing: -

Marquise Tanzanite Ring: This tanzanite diamond ring is encompassed with alluring diamonds with a beautiful Marquise shaped gemstone at the center. The tanzanite stone has a weight of 1.09 ct and the diamonds weigh in at 0.25 ct. 

Oval Tanzanite Bracelet: Our shining tanzanite bracelet has the stones weighing 3.93 ct positioned in multiple links that encircle your wrist, with 14k white gold and 2.3 cttw diamonds. 

Oval Tanzanite Earrings: These stylish earrings, embraced with 60+ diamonds, have a splendid violetish-blue oval tanzanite gemstone weighing 0.93 ct at the center and feature in 14K white gold.

Pear Tanzanite Pendant: This is a fashionable 1.63 carat pear shaped tanzanite pendant with 14k white gold and 0.33 ctw studded diamonds.

Radiant Tanzanite: Our violetish-blue radiant shaped tanzanite gem, weighing 3.21 ct, can be customized to your needs and embedded with other luxurious gemstones to help you look and feel great. 

Invest in your wellbeing  by picking a tanzanite gem which best impacts you. Our online store offers plenty of choices in fabulous shades, carats, cuts and more as splendid tanzanite jewelry for sale.

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