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Tanzanite jewelry to make your Valentine feel loved

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Tanzanite wedding rings or any other jewelry with this fabulous gem, especially when it's gifted, is something that resonates with love and a sense of devotion.

Although there are trends and traditions about jewelry, the best gifts are always rare, unique, personal, and valuable. Tanzanite jewelry is not only a visual treat but also has remarkable features that are not found in too many other gemstones. 

Firstly, tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than diamonds, making it a very popular colored gemstone. It is trichroic in nature i.e., showing three colors when viewed from different angles, thus every jewelry piece, from our tanzanite and diamond earrings to tanzanite bracelets, tanzanite and diamond earrings and the rest of our collection is truly unique.

For Valentine’s Day, this stunning gem has you covered - it’s gorgeous, forever, rare, and nothing short of the perfect gift.

Here are three of our tanzanite jewelry pieces that encapsulate every possible factor you’re looking for this Valentine's Day: -

From the heart

Symbolic of love and loyalty, our tanzanite wedding rings and tanzanite engagement rings tend to be quite popular around the month of romance. Take this ring, for example, employing a classic heart-shaped tanzanite, evocative of romance. The gemstone is also nestled within round diamonds to accentuate the design. 

tanzanite wedding rings

Love at first sight

The contrast of a blue-violet gemstone with a yellow-gold metal setting steals the spotlight in this tanzanite and diamond necklace from our collection. The AAAA-grade tanzanite is efficiently cut into a heart-shape gem and secured in a claw prong. It embodies the promise of protecting your soulmate’s heart. 

tanzanite and diamond necklace


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Dazzling danglers

This pair of tanzanite and diamond earrings capture the symphony of upside-down and down-side-up pear shapes. Our expert artisans have designed them intricately with diamonds around and between the tanzanite gems.

Even though this pair is gorgeous as they are, you can also get them in 14k yellow-gold. Get this as a gift and watch your partner’s heart melt. 

tanzanite and diamond earrings

In addition to these, our collection also includes white gold tanzanite bracelets, that are just a few clicks away. 

While ordering anything from Top Tanzanite, rest assured that you will have a secured transaction and a 30-day return policy.

We understand that gifts are a treasured possession, especially during this season and you have to be confident about the quality, grade, color, and luster of the gemstones. 

Our website is up-to-date with detailed product descriptions, so all your questions are answered. We put our best foot forward in delivering the products to you at the earliest, with no shipping charge across the US*. 

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