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Tanzanite pendants to make you feel like a royal

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Since its discovery in 1967, tanzanite has been a sought after gem, from royalty to celebrity. Among modern royals, this gorgeous jewel has been flaunted by Kate Middleton and Princess Diana in the past. Tanzanite is also well known for its rarity and the mesmerizing violet-blue shades that makes other blue gemstones blush in comparison.

TopTanzanite specializes in bringing ethically mined gemstones and providing them directly to our customers in marvelously designed jewelry.But more than that, we pride ourselves on being able to create designs that exude a sense of radiance that enable the wearer to feel confident and poised.

To give you an example, here is a small sampling of tanzanite pendants from our extensive collection that are designed to make you feel like a princess, if not a queen, in your own right: -

Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant set in Yellow Gold
  1. Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant set in Yellow Gold  

This is a truly elegant pendant that features a cushion-cut tanzanite gemstone placed within a regal octagram design and studded with round cut 0.62cttw diamonds. Set in 18k yellow gold, the sheer opulence of the pendant with its exquisite detail, is testament to our highly experienced artisans. 

Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant set in White Gold
  1. Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant set in White Gold

When you need to step out in royal fashion, you’ll want to add this dazzling 4.74ct white gold tanzanite pendant with diamonds to your ensemble. The pendant, with its elegant design, shows off a brilliant harmony between its tanzanite center stone and the 0.38cttw diamonds circling it. This impeccable pendant, with its AAAA graded tanzanite gemstone, encapsulates everything you want from a luxurious necklace.

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Heart-Shaped Pendant
  1. Heart-Shaped Pendant 

The gorgeous pendant speaks of your love, not just for your soul-mate, but for the finer things that life has to offer. Capturing the essence of it’s marvelous violet-blue hue, the pendant’s 15.94ct AAAA-graded tanzanite gemstone is further enhanced by the shimmer of 0.57cttw round-cut diamonds that form a halo. It’s 18k yellow gold setting gives the design just the right touch of royal appeal.

Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace
  1. Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace

The glamor and lavishness that comes with flaunting a dazzling tanzanite necklace, is comparable to very few things. There are times when you’ll want to make a statement so bold that everyone in the room looks up and takes notice; this is where our gorgeously put together tanzanite and diamond necklace comes in. With each of the 25.59 ct AAAA oval tanzanite gemstones encircled by a host of diamonds that extend to cover every link, our stunning necklace is the very embodiment of luxury.

TopTanzanite's continuous success can be attributed to our meticulous attention to quality and detail that’s only bolstered by our outstanding customer service. When you need that touch of royalty, whatever the occasion might be, visit our website, we can and will deliver.   

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