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Tanzanite rings: The ideal time to gift these gorgeous jewelry pieces

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The tanzanite gemstone is a relatively new addition to the precious gemstones family. However, it has become very popular very fast. Discovered only in 1967 by a Maasai tribesman, the stone’s meteoric rise in popularity can be attributed largely to its deep, vibrant blue and purple color. But the gemstone is also trichroic in nature, which means that when seen from different angles, it exhibits blue, purple and even a red hue. 

Apart from these properties, the tanzanite gemstone is said to have a calming and soothing effect on the wearer. Some believe that it brings harmony into a person’s life. And that is why tanzanite jewelry is an ideal gift for special occasions. 

Tanzanite to ask the question and one when the answer is “Yes”

Tanzanite engagement rings are quickly becoming popular among modern couples looking for something unique when it comes to “popping” the big question. This gemstone goes well with most gemstones, diamonds in particular.

Round Tanzanite And Diamond Ring

Consider our Josephine, round tanzanite diamond ring, an exquisite and defining symbol of love. The deep colors of the tanzanite gemstone amidst the brilliance of diamonds is unparalleled and creates a statement to announce your intentions as well as to acknowledge your forever journey. 

On your 24th wedding anniversary 

Jewelry has always been the go-to gift for wedding anniversaries. For this particular wedding anniversary, a tanzanite gemstone has a special significance. This tanzanite ring, set in glamorous yellow gold and adorned with diamonds, is an excellent gift to mark your 24th wedding anniversary and celebrate your love.

Round Tanzanite Ring
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You could also choose to make it an opulent celebration with our absolutely radiant  round tanzanite ring that features a sparkling halo of diamonds studded around the tanzanite gemstone. Each diamond, so delicately placed, adds a shimmer like no other to this regal piece. 

For a birthday in December

As one of the birthstones for December, tanzanite makes the perfect gift for a special person. Take this stunning 1.78ct AAAA pear-shaped tanzanite ring design from our collection - in white gold, with a partial diamond-studded band, the design is just perfect to make it truly a spectacular birthday. 

Pear Tanzanite Ring

TopTanzanite has over four decades of experience in the industry. As a mine-to-market brand with so many years of expertise, we are in the perfect position to choose only the best and most brilliant tanzanite gemstones that go into making exquisite tanzanite rings for sale. We pride ourselves on ethically sourcing each gemstone and giving our customers the best possible service with a certificate of authenticity for each piece, a 30 Day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. 

Oval Tanzanite Ring

So, if this gorgeous stone has stolen your heart, check out our entire tanzanite jewelry collection on our website and follow us on social media for regular updates and special offers.  

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