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Tanzanite's Connection to Lithotherapy

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Lithotherapy is an alternative natural healing practice that is quickly gaining popularity, especially through social media. Now, more than ever, gemstones are believed to have special healing powers. Backed by social media and celebrities, Lithotherapy or crystal healing is here to stay.

Here’s a quick dive into how this practice works and the special connection it has with the tanzanite gemstone

Cushion Zoisite Gemstone

What is Lithotherapy? 

Lithotherapy is practiced widely across the globe. This practice is based on the principle that stones contain energy and emit vibrations. These vibrations can help cure physical or mental ailments. However, each stone or crystal emits a different vibration, which, in turn, corresponds with different energy points in the body. These vibrations help in rebalancing the body’s functions, be it physical or psychological. 

Lithotherapy has been around in different forms for centuries. Traditional Indian, Chinese and Tibetan medicine all make mention of stones being able to purify, heal, stimulate and harmonize the body. During the middle ages, Europeans also believed gemstones to have truly magical powers. 

Oval Zoisite Gemstone
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These crystals or stones can be worn as jewelry. However, they are often placed in a safe space such as a room in your home or even in your office; essentially they need to be close to you. Some people even carry it on them at all times. 

What role do tanzanite gemstones play? 

As with all gemstones, the tanzanite gemstone is also believed to have been bestowed with many healing properties. Lithotherapy states that this particular stone helps strengthen one’s immune system, promotes the regeneration of cells to heal skin and hair, improves vitality, and even has a purifying effect on the blood. Some claims also mention the stone as being able to treat migraines.

Trillion Gemstone

Not just physical, loose tanzanite stones are also believed to be effective in treating mental disorders induced by stress. 

This precious stone is often set in rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings, worn to inspire compassion, honesty and integrity. 

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the gemstone family, tanzanite has gained popularity amongst crystal healing believers. 

Pear Shape Zoisite Gemstone

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