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Top Tanzanite's Top Emerald Cut Jewelry for September

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Tanzanite is a majestic gemstone that reflects light in its own unique way; it exhibits a spectacular color range from violet to blue, with hints of red, depending on the angle you view it from. This trichroic feature distinguishes tanzanite from most contemporary gemstones, but that’s not all that makes it such a sought after gemstone. The fact that it’s found in just one place on Earth, with a depleting supply, makes the demand for tanzanite jewelry extremely high.    

So, if you don’t already own a stunning piece of tanzanite jewelry, there is no better time like the present to add one (or more) to your jewelry box. Here are Top Tanzanite's top picks, featuring an emerald cut, to help you look enchanting this September: - 

Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Ring

Bring together the brilliance of a rare gemstone and sparkling diamonds by sliding on a timeless luster in the form of our spectacular tanzanite ring. Stunning to the core, the ring is designed with brilliant round diamonds encircling its centerstone, a dazzling emerald-cut tanzanite. Radiant that it is, this masterpiece will certainly go on to become your most treasured heirloom.

Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring

Emerald-Cut Tanzanite & Diamond Earrings

From formal gatherings to haute parties, these fabulous tanzanite earrings are perfectly suited for every occasion. The shimmering facets of the emerald cut tanzanite coupled with the timeless shine of the diamonds that surround it make this pair one of the most appealing pieces of jewelry in our collection. 

Emerald Cut Tanzanite And Diamond Earring
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Emerald-Cut Bracelet

Following and exceeding modern trends in the norm of the fast-paced fashion culture is this stylish bracelet from our collection. An intricate design embedded with emerald-cut gemstones, this charming tanzanite bracelet is an absolute delight. Chic, fashionable and contemporary, the bracelet is an ideal accessory for your wrist. 

Tanzanite Bracelet

Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Pendant 

This emerald-cut tanzanite pendant is a classic design, a statement piece that is designed to make you feel confident and capable of anything. The vibrant hues of the tanzanite rightly compliment the grandeur of the rose gold chain. A complete visual delight, this pendant is a definite must-have.

Emerald Tanzanite Pendant

Emerald-Cut Certified Tanzanite

At Top Tanzanite, we also offer loose tanzanite gemstones for sale. The benefit of purchasing loose stones is that you can get creative and purchase sets of gemstones that you can combine to make customized jewelry pieces. You might consider purchasing a loose gemstone, like this - 2.50ct AAA emerald-cut tanzanite piece - from our collection and get in touch with our highly talented team for customization services.

We have a wide collection of tanzanite rings, tanzanite necklaces and so much more, for every event and occasion this September. At Top Tanzanite, we provide the finest, authentic tanzanite jewelry for sale. Visit our website to view our entire catalog, a lot of which can be customized, and follow us on social media for the latest updates and exclusive offers.

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