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What are the different cuts of Tanzanite and how important they are?

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The rarity of the zoisite mineral called tanzanite is adored for its timeless beauty. Its trichroic feature, refracting white light to emit shades of red, violet and blue, easily makes it one of the most intriguing gemstones of the contemporary world. 

Gemologists define color, clarity, carat weight, and cut as the 4C’s of value for a gemstone. When choosing tanzanite gemstones, many overlook the cut. The cut of a tanzanite gem affects its value, ease of setting, attractiveness, and grade, in addition to the shape you may be searching for. 

At TopTanzanite, we ensure the precision and meticulous detail in every cut to make your gemstone sparkle as much as possible. The facets of a stone with an excellent cut, reflect light to generate maximum brightness and scintillation. The angles on the stone's table and the angles of the pavilion are matched and calibrated to ensure an outstanding cut. 

Among the many popular tanzanite cuts, the prominent ones are reserved for exceptional tanzanite jewelry

Oval Tanzanite Ring
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Oval Cut

The oval is always in style. It has around 69 facets and is prized for its delicate curves, which give the gem a sense of romance. For example, consider this real tanzanite ring from our collection, which houses a 0.56 Ct AAAA oval tanzanite gem with 0.25 Cttw diamonds in 14K yellow gold, a splendid piece suitable for every occasion. 

Trillion Gemstone

Trilliant Cut

A triangular cut with slightly rounded corners is known as the 'Trilliant Cut.' Its facets range from 31 to 43, giving it its renowned brightness and highlighting the tanzanite's deep violet-blue color. Take the example of our 0.49 Ct AAAA trillion tanzanite ring with 0.06 cttw diamond set in splendid 14K rose gold, which is perfect as it is, but can also be your own custom tanzanite ring since we do allow you to choose certain aspects like the metal color, carat size and even the grade of the tanzanite gemstone. 

Round Tanzanite Ring

Round Cut

A round cut is considered the most prestigious of gemstone cuttings. It has a staggering 57 facets that have been meticulously created to bring out the stone’s brightness and fire. We have in our collection a truly stunning round tanzanite ring that, like so many others in our collection, can be customized either in 14K or 18k white, yellow or rose gold. 

Cushion Tanzanite Ring

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut sculpts a square or rectangle with rounded corners that highlights a tanzanite gemstone’s shine and brightness. This cut requires the artisan to chisel 64 facets. Our cushion tanzanite ring, with 0.6 cttw diamonds embedded in 14k gold, can be the perfect addition for your every ensemble. 

The cut of a tanzanite gemstone is crucial as it can add unnecessary weight that in turn, compromises it’s beauty and value. Our tanzanite jewelry is made with only the finest stones that are ethically sourced and come with a free lifetime warranty.

It is always a pleasure to serve our customers as best we can, that includes customizing jewelry to your preference and desire. Our team of artisans include some of the industry’s finest who will help out at every stop of the way, till you can wear your design with pride. So visit our website and connect with us for more details on our customization services so we can help make your dream design come to life.  

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