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What does Ethical Sourcing of gemstones really mean

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Each time you purchase a piece of jewelry, do you wonder where that stunning gemstone came from or how it was sourced? It’s something most of us might not be familiar with, but addressing it can make a big difference. 

With specific regard to the tanzanite gemstones in our wide collection, there is a journey these beautiful stones go on, before it makes it to your jewelry box. The start of this journey is where ‘Ethical Sourcing’ comes into play. While it does not have a universal definition among industry experts, Ethical Sourcing refers to the mining of the gemstones while considering the well-being of the miners and that of the environment.

Concerns related to gemstone mining that include child labor, ill-treatment or underpayment of miners, supply chain corruption, were not things most end consumers would keep track off. It is however, a concern that most modern customers do want information on, before a pucrache. But it’s not just being aware of the difficulties that miners could face, there is also a potentially negative impact on the environment, if regulations and checks are not in place. While a beautiful gem can grace your body and bring you much happiness, it’s possible that its sourcing journey may not have been as good. Hence, Ethical Sourcing is vital. But as consumers, what can you do to address this issue? More importantly, how do you know your gemstones are ethically sourced?

To start with, always research your gemstone seller. There are many companies out there that proactively talk about Ethical Sourcing. For those who wish to purchase tanzanite loose stones, information regarding where they are mined can be provided, when asked. Brands like Top Tanzanite, are mine-to-market and hence, we can provide details on where our stones are sourced from. We follow this and all other ethical regulations set by the industry to ensure every gemstone reaches the market responsibly.

You, as a consumer, can play a critical role when it comes to Ethical Sourcing. By asking questions about the gemstone you’re interested in - where it's from, how it was sourced - brands know that you’re well aware of their process and will continue to make sure that products are produced and procured ethically. Your vigilance is of great help in ensuring the practice is maintained. 

You can also educate yourself and participate in campaigns that promote Ethical Sourcing in the USA. By actively being part of the conversation, you’ll understand the various norms in place and the next time you seek a loose tanzanite gemstone, you’ll know exactly what to look for. 

At Top Tanzanite, we understand the importance of Ethical Sourcing and so, all of our tanzanite stones for sale are in compliance with the highest ethical codes. We are a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and ensure that all our processes comply with local, federal and international law.

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