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What makes tanzanite rings so popular

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From Beyonce to Kate Middleton, celebrities and royalty alike have fallen in love with the gorgeous gem that is tanzanite. The gem has gained popularity as the gem of choice, especially for rings because of its striking trichroic nature. 

The cut, shape, and lighting in which you view the stone will determine whether you experience the striking blue, the delicate violet, or the stunning red hues in a single gemstone. And when you consider the fact that it’s about 1000 times rarer than diamonds, it’s no wonder tanzanite gold rings or those in other metals, have become such a hit even with the engagement crowd. 

Naturally, a beautiful gemstone deserves an equally befitting design, if it is to have the desired impact of stealing the show. It’s precisely why at TopTanzanite, we work tirelessly to bring you rings that aren’t just lavish in style but also come with a certificate of authenticity for our ethically sourced gems. 

Each of our rings is designed to be a stand out accessory for wearers and each gem is cut and polished meticulously by our extremely skilled artisans. From tanzanite gold rings and others in our wide collection, it’s always the gemstone, and our unfaltering customer service that has consumers returning to our website.

To help you understand why tanzanite rings, in particular, are so very popular, a few examples from our collection will suffice: -

Amelia - Cushion Tanzanite Ring

A Simply Classic Design 

Our designs remain synonymous with class and elegance for generations, like this cushion-shaped Tanzanite ring. You’ll find your focus shifting quite easily to the beautiful center stone that sits comfortably on its four-prong setting in 14k white gold. Some say less is more, but that’s not really applicable if tanzanite is part of the equation. 

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Isabella - Round Tanzanite And Diamond Ring

Stylish and Stunning 

This gorgeous piece with a 0.50ct round-cut tanzanite gem at the center, can be customized in white or yellow gold, but tanzanite rings in rose gold can be truly glamorous. What gives this ring it’s obvious visual appeal, is just how the violet-blue hues of the stone stand out against the clusters of sparkling diamonds.

Amaia - Trillion Tanzanite And Diamond Ring

A Halo of Hues

Tanzanite rings in white gold are popular because the colors compliment each other so well. but don’t dismiss the intricate blend of hues that tanzanite gold rings bring to the table, especially when embellished with the inimitable sparkle of diamonds. Take this spectacular ring with its trillion-cut gem haloed by diamonds, it’s as elegant as it is exquisite.  

The rarity of tanzanite will only grow, once resources are depleted, which is expected in a couple of decades. And when you’re able to create pieces that are timeless, a tanzanite ring becomes an heirloom for future generations; something to preserve as a custodian of a rare and beautiful gem. 

Visit our website and you’ll find more reasons in our collection that highlight why tanzanite rings are highly sought after. Follow us on social media for updates and special offers.  

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