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What you need to know before you get yourself some fabulous Tanzanite jewelry

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Women have always chosen gemstone jewelry as it has both astrological significance and can often stand apart from conventional options. Colored jewels have ruled the hearts of customers since time immemorial and this adoration hasn’t diminished. Gemstone jewelry has been a part of our lives for special occasions and makes great gifts where rare pieces are also collected for their value. 

Tanzanite is relatively new to the world of colored stones. According to the most famous version of the tanzanite discovery legend - a Masai tribesman discovered a cluster of extremely translucent, deep violet-to-blue crystals, weathering out of the earth in Merelani (northern Tanzania) in 1967. A lightning bolt set the land ablaze and it is rumored that the fire is what give the stones their vibrant color. Since the discovery was made in Tanzania (also the only place it’s found), the stone was aptly named - ‘Tanzanite’.

Tanzanite gemstones are diverse, in terms of fashion; they can be customized and fitted into any design, exuding primal sophistication. Be it a pair of earrings or studs, a dazzling pendant, a beautiful collar necklace, or an elegant bracelet, it just works for any occasion you choose to wear one. 

Top Tanzanite is a world leader in tanzanite. With a collection of loose stones, available in all shapes and sizes, to a complete jewelry collection of fabulous designs comprising - tanzanite bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings - you won’t run out of choices. But should you require a little customization, our designers and artisans are some of the best in the industry. 

The brand has a vast collection of fine tanzanite gemstones and tanzanite jewelry that are offered at  the best prices. Despite the extensive collection, if customers are unable to find a design that appeals to them, the company provides fast and convenient email services and let’s them customize the design. 

So, with brands like Top Tanzanite, customers are assured that each stone and each piece of jewelry undergoes stringent quality tests, at every level of manufacturing, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Top Tanzanite takes pride in the variety of designs and options it provides to the customers. Special ranges of their jewelry, including white gold tanzanite bracelets , cushion tanzanite earrings, pear tanzanite pendants, and tanzanite tennis bracelets are widely available. 

Explore all of the varied styles in Top Tanzanite's jewelry range and be rest assured that each product can be easily purchased via secure online transactions and have hassle-free return and 100% money-back policies.

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