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Why is Tanzanite heated - A quick dive

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When it comes to gemstones, everyone wants something that’s nothing short of spectacular and tanzanite fits the bill thanks to its vibrant violetish-blue hue. Often mistaken for a sapphire, on close inspection, you’ll see its trichroic nature (exhibiting 3 colors) nature, setting it apart from the rest.

A tanzanite gemstone is subjected to a process that helps bring out its ‘true’ colors.

The science behind tanzanite’s heating process

A piece of tanzanite, prior to heating, can easily be mistaken for a regular crystal. However, the same gemstone, post its heat treatment, will have you immediately looking for tanzanite jewelry for sale

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Tanzanite, a variety of the Zoisite mineral in its natural form, occurs in the earthy shades of brown, red, and sometimes burgundy. The stone is heated in a gemological oven with temperatures that go as high as 600 degrees. The result produces a brilliant array of blues and violets, with a little red mixed in.

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The process of heating does not change the gemstone; it simply removes the predominant shades of brown by causing a chemical reaction within its structure. The intensity of the stone’s color remains unaffected by the heat. A deep brown tanzanite will turn deep blue or violet after heating, while a light brown piece will appear pale blue or violet. The vibrant hues of treated tanzanite make for unique tanzanite jewelry.

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The legend of the tanzanite

The process began in the late 1960s when tanzanite was first discovered. A fire, caused by a lightning strike, burned a large area in the eastern region of Tanzania, at the foothills of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Here tanzanite, in its raw zoisite form, underwent a natural heat treatment. W\hen the fire stopped raging, a Maasai tribesman discovered a stunning crystal that exhibited a passionate violet-blue color. Manuel D’Souza, a prospector from India, who was on-site, thought he found his fortune in a new sapphire deposit, little did he know. He quickly laid claim to the area, registering four mines and discovering one of the newest and most gorgeous gemstones in the world.

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Since tanzanite is exclusive to this region, it’s estimated that the mines could run dry in a few years. It heightens its value making any and every owner of tanzanite a custodian of the rare gemstone. 

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