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Why tanzanite jewelry makes such a great gift

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Gifts are a great way to express love and gratitude. And to make your loved one feel even more special, Top Tanzanite brings you a very unique gifting option in the form of our beautiful tanzanite jewelry

The legacy of tanzanite gemstone is beyond its boundless beauty, lustrous appearance, and sparkly Violetish blue color. There are numerous compelling reasons why tanzanite is a great option for gifting. For instance, the folklore of tanzanite takes us back to 1967 where it was found by a tribesman in the mines of Tanzania (Africa). The origin of the exquisite gemstone adds a sense of mystery to its formation. Moreover, tanzanite is considered to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds which makes it even more valuable if you want to show the receiver just how important that bond you share is. 

Top Tanzanite offers some of the best tanzanite jewelry designs available in the market with great diversity in their collection. Amongst our wide range of tanzanite jewelry, here are few of the choice pieces that you should consider when looking for the perfect gifting option:-

1. Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Pendant: It is an elegant 0.8 carat emerald-cut tanzanite pendant with 14k white Gold and 0.2 ctw studded diamonds to make a perfectly stylish piece for an important outing.

2. Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Studs: This pair of stunning violetish-blue tanzanite studs are available in two color options - white gold and yellow gold. We offer two variants in this piece- 14K and 18K metal as well as - three variations in the quality of the stones - good(AA), better(AAA), best(AAAA) to give you choice. You choose either one or both, to go with different outfits.

3. Oval-Cut Tanzanite Bracelet: One of our exquisite bracelets, this one has 25.3 carat blue tanzanite stones and accented with 0.64 ctw delicate diamonds and in a 14 carat white gold setting. It makes it an optimal piece to add that special touch of elegance to every ensemble.

4. Cushion-Cut Tanzanite Ring: This gorgeous ring has the royal violetish-blue color of a gorgeous tanzanite gemstone in 1.82 ct, sized at 9x7mm. The sophisticated design is accompanied by a 0.51 cttw diamond in 14 carat white gold and is an excellent statement piece for any occasion.

    A beautifully lustrous piece of tanzanite can be a great present, as it is, especially for anyone born in December as the gemstone was only recently added to the list of birthstones (2002). In fact, people believe that gifting tanzanite to a December-born can bring them good luck and good fortune.

    This season, find the perfect gift for your perfect someone from Top Tanzanite among the various choices of our superb tanzanite jewelry for sale and spread more love and appreciation.

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