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Why the combination of tanzanite and diamonds is so perfect

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They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but a tanzanite gemstone doesn’t seem to be far behind. This pair, both unique in their own right, go beautifully together to create fantastic pieces of fine jewelry. Whether you choose tanzanite and diamond rings as your fabulous accessory du jour or want to really dazzle the crowd with a statement tanzanite and diamond necklace, this combination will never steer you wrong. 

Diamonds go with just about any gemstone and even on their own they have the ability to create a spectacle. But here’s why paring them with tanzanite makthe combination nothing short of spectacular!

Tanzanite Diamond Ring

The versatility of the diamond

When paired with a tanzanite gemstone, diamonds tend to sparkle a little more thanks to the deep hues of the gorgeous gemstone. A diamond, with its many facets, refracts white light beautifully and has the innate ability to be gorgeous on its own. But when you add a primary gemstone like tanzanite to the mix, the diamonds dramatically enhance its colors. Take this stunning tanzanite diamond ring, a superb example of the pairing, from our wide collection of tanzanite and diamond jewelry. 

Tanzanite Pendant
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A trichroic gemstone 

Tanzanite is a trichroic gemstone - based on the angle at which you look at it, it showcases different colors all the way from deep blue, to violet, and even red. These vivid hues, when paired with the ever-so elegant diamond, augment each other’s natural beauty. A great way to see how the colors go so well is in this extraordinary tanzanite pendant from our catalog. The added combination of rose gold only supplements the two, bringing to life the trichroic nature of tanzanite and shimmer of white diamonds. 

Tanzanite And Diamond Earrings

A game of contrasts

A well-cut and meticulously placed diamond, irrespective of the color, is always a sight to behold. The deep violetish-blue hue of tanzanite is just as mesmerizing. When these contrasts in colors come together, what you have is an extremely versatile piece of jewelry. Our pair of 14k yellow gold tanzanite and diamond earrings have been designed to bring out this contrast and celebrate it. 

Creating designs with two iconic gemstones usually results in exquisite jewelry. Our 2ct pear tanzanite ring is just one more example of how well these gorgeous gemstones create a collaboration that stands out.

At TopTanzanite, our ethically sourced tanzanite gemstones are set in one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, which are designed by our highly talented, experienced and passionate in-house artisans. With four decades (plus) of experience in creating stunning tanzanite jewelry paired with diamonds, we know our collection will offer you something for every special occasion in your life.

So pick something out from our website and follow us on social media for product updates and offers. 

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