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You'll never go wrong with our stunning tanzanite wedding rings

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Rings are an integral part of every wedding and it is only certain that they need to be extra special. Traditional wedding bands have been around for ages and even though being a great addition to your day, don’t seem to bring any element of exceptionalism. If you wish for a less contemporary feel that is both unique and undoubtedly modern, tanzanite wedding bands and rings are the way to go. 

Tanzanite is mined from a small area in Tanzania and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This means a tanzanite wedding ring makes you a custodian of not only a glistening masterpiece but a truly rare phenomenon. 

Tanzanite hues range from deep blue to brilliant violet-blue, so you can choose the ideal one to match your preference and personality. Here are a few options from Top Tanzanite’s collection to consider for your big day; 

Cushion Tanzanite Ring
Showcasing an innate display of craftsmanship, this tanzanite ring is stupendous in every manner. Its meticulous design and striking 0.6 ct gemstone will accentuate your beauty and radiate opulence. But if you’re looking for a customizable wedding band that is eye-catching and unconventional, then get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you.   

Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Ring
This stunning ring, set in 14K white gold is an absolute work of art. With its exquisite design and superb finish, it makes for an extraordinary wedding ring option that will truly stand out. You can also try out different combinations of gemstone quality and metal color to achieve an even more distinctive look for your special day. 

Round Tanzanite Ring
The intricacies of this luminous ring, featuring a 5 mm tanzanite, are simply breathtaking. Highly customizable as it is, you can choose from different precious metals as well as gemstone quality and impress your beau with a sparkling wonder. The timeless design of this beautiful piece makes it an ideal option to consider when choosing a tanzanite wedding ring.

These are just a few pieces from our wide range of spectacular tanzanite rings that consist of expertly cut gemstones and exceptional designs. Each ring is designed to add glamour to your style and a touch of exclusivity to your aura. All these attributes strongly suggest that our tanzanite collection is indeed a splendid choice for your wedding jewelry.

We at Top Tanzanite, also take immense pride in having over 42 years of gemstone expertise and strive to deliver only the best to our customers. Our Tanzanite gemstones are ethically sourced, mine-to-market,  with top priority given to quality.

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