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Loose Tanzanite Gemstones are Just Gorgeous

Tanzanite is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. This precious trichroic gemstone showcasing vivid violet-blue-reddish colors belongs to the zoisite family and is found exclusively at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania, where it gets its name. The supply of tanzanite is limited, and hence, owning a piece makes every customer a custodian of this rare gem. If unique gemstones and their jewelry, those that are considered a thousand times rarer than diamonds, are what you’re looking for, tanzanite is the only choice.

Can loose gemstones for sale be bought and customized later on?

Some customers prefer ready-made tanzanite jewelry, while others look for loose gemstones for sale to have their own, sometimes bespoke designs, created. This page focuses on the various cuts, shapes and grades of loose tanzanite that we offer for sale. TopTanzanite is one of the largest tanzanite and best brands to buy gemstones online and, yes, we also offer customizations for our customers. We have our own world-class facilities and employ the most passionate and highly experienced artisans who create the finest tanzanite jewelry in the US.

Based on the various cuts you can choose, you can have gorgeous pieces designed; for example, round cut tends to be a popular choice for tanzanite bracelets. The pear shape cut creates a very unique center stone that goes into some spectacular designs and can be used in a divine statement tanzanite ring or tanzanite necklace. Another popular shape, especially for tanzanite studs, is the Marquise cut.

Where do you buy gemstones online?

It is important that you consider only trusted sources to buy gemstones online. For us at TopTanzanite, with over four decades of experience, a certificate of authenticity with every piece of jewelry, high-quality loose gemstones for sale, a lifetime warranty, and exceptional customer service, we command that market value.

We offer mine-to-market tanzanite gemstones that are meticulously inspected, processed and cut by the industry’s finest. And all of it is done in-house giving us total control of the process. So, whether you are looking for a baguette, cushion cut, emerald cut, or trillion shaped tanzanite gemstone, you will find it in our catalog. Check out the rest of our website for a wide collection of loose tanzanite gemstones and luxuriously glamorous tanzanite jewelry.

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