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Stunning Tanzanite Pendants to Enhance Your Look

Noted for its remarkable trichroism, the tanzanite gemstone belongs to the zoisite family. Naturally occurring tanzanite displays shades of brown and red. The bright blue and violet hues seen in tanzanite jewelry is due to the heat treatment. This gemstone makes for a perfect centrestone for pendants and necklaces, in particular because of its deep hues that grab your attention. And you will find some of the most creative and glamorous designs in our wide collection of gorgeous tanzanite pendants and necklaces.

Why does a tanzanite necklace make the perfect gift?

It’s said that tanzanite is a thousand times rarer than diamonds and is in limited supply, so there truly is no better gift than one that makes the receiver a custodian of a very rare gemstone. It’s perfect to mark a special occasion, whether you’re celebrating a personal achievement or showing someone just how important they are to you, a tanzanite pendant or necklace is a great choice.

How to choose the right tanzanite pendants?

One of our most popular options from our collection is a tanzanite and diamond necklace which combines two rare and extremely precious gemstones. Our white gold tanzanite necklaces are a sight to behold, with fascinating design elements and beautiful colors that complement each other. For movie buffs, the tanzanite heart necklace that resembles the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ from the movie Titanic is a good choice. Incidentally, the tanzanite necklace from the movie did, in fact, feature a heart-shaped tanzanite gemstone.

The beauty of the tanzanite gemstone works well with a range of settings and metal colors. Browse our collection that features fantastic designs set in gold ranging from 14K White Gold to 18K Rose Gold.

TopTanzanite is a mine-to-market brand with over four decades of experience in the industry and in-house facilities that process each gemstone. We offer loose tanzanite gemstones for sale as well, that can be customized for you into various designs for tanzanite wedding rings and engagement rings, tanzanite bracelets, and tanzanite earrings. We offer them in a variety of cuts that range from the ver-opopular cushion cut, to emerald, pear, oval, and the marquise cut. Pick out something from our collections to make you look spectacular, and follow us on social media for updates and special offers.

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