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Tanzanite and Diamond Rings

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Tanzanite and Diamond Rings: A Winning Jewelry Combination

The diamond is the most versatile of all gemstones and can be paired with just about any other. But when it accompanies those like the vibrant tanzanite, the result is nothing short of mesmerizing. Tanzanite diamond rings, in this context, create the perfect contrast between these two gems; each one complementing the other.

Why are tanzanite and diamond rings so glamorous?

The sparkle of a diamond comes from its many surfaces that refract light to create that effect. Tanzanite, being trichroic in nature, refracts a deep blue and violet when viewed from different angles, with hints of red. The contrast in colors is just one reason why tanzanite diamond rings are so attractive.

Both tanzanite and diamonds look beautiful in rings made of platinum, 14K Yellow Gold or 18K White Gold. You could also pick something in 14K Rose Golds or 18K Two Tone shades. The two gemstones have the ability to bring out the very best in each other so, when you add round white diamonds, positioned around a primary tanzanite gemstone, you have a spectacular piece where the white sparkle enhances the deep violetish-blue hues.

What is the right occasion to gift a tanzanite diamond ring?

Every occasion is the right one. However, tanzanite engagement rings and even tanzanite wedding rings are quite popular. You could also choose to give a December-born a tanzanite and diamond ring as it is one of the birthstones for that month. From TopTanzanite, you have the option of picking something exquisite from our wide collection that features different cuts of the gemstone from cushion, elongate cushion, marquise, princess, round cut, or even the truly elegant trillion cut.

TopTanzanite has been in the industry for over four decades as a mine-to-market brand with exceptional customer service. Each gemstone is ethically sourced and every one of our jewelry pieces comes with a certificate of authenticity. We employ some of the very best designers and artisans in the business who passionately put together fabulous tanzanite diamond rings to create lifelong jewelry pieces. We also have an extensive collection of tanzanite earrings, tanzanite bracelets, and tanzanite pendants on our website as well. Check them out and follow us on social media for more updates.

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