The TopTanzanite Conflict Free Tanzanite Policy

TopTanzanite guarantees that we are a conflict-free source of tanzanite.  We adhere to the steps outlined in the Tucson Tanzanite Protocol, which was designed to strengthen controls in Tanzania and to create a system of downstream warranties for all involved with tanzanite from mine to market.  This protocol has been very successful and has changed the mining practices of tanzanite since it was the put in place. We can assure our Tanzanite comes from an environmentally controlled area with no connection to war or terrorism, safe working conditions for miners, fair working practices for employees, and an ethical route to market. It has a major impact on the Tanzanian economy as it generates income for thousands of people in Tanzania.

About the Tucson Tanzanite Protocol (TTP)

The Tucson Tanzanite Protocol was developed in 2003 to restore confidence in tanzanite, confirm economic development in tanzanite throughout the gem trade, and ensure an ethical route of the tanzanite supply chain.  Their plan was to strengthen controls in Tanzania by removing all illegal miners and building a fence around the entire mining area which would help them manage tanzanite’s path into the jewelry industry.  They did just that.

When the protocol was the introduced, there was a unified front between the Tanzanian government and AGTA, Jewelers of America, and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.  The unanimous backing by everyone involved with tanzanite, including the American Gem Society. The Indian Diamond and Color stone Association, the Arusha Regional Miners Association, Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, International Colored Gemstone Association, Jewelers Association of Jaipur, the Tanzanian Chamber of Mines, the Tanzania Mineral Dealers Association, as well as all tanzanite traders, proved that the integrity of tanzanite remained.

The Tucson Tanzanite Protocol has made the pathway of tanzanite transparency and given consumers the confidence in knowing their investment is secure.  Because of this, TopTanzanite is proud to be able to offer you a rare gemstone that is guaranteed conflict-free.

In addition to strict adherence to the TTP, TopTanzanite does not trade in blood diamonds, which are often far cheaper than their ethical counterparts, and sources all of its diamond accents from reputable sources.