The GIA considers 4 aspects when determining how excellent a gemstone is; these are called the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. The better each of these individual aspects is, the better a stone is considered, and we adhere rigorously to this standard.

The color grading system of tanzanite is not a universally accepted measure. At TopTanzanite, we use a system of grading that classifies tanzanite into one of these categories – ‘AA’, “AAA’, and ‘AAAA’. We specify the grades on each of the stones and jewelry that we sell online. ‘AAAA’ is the highest grade, followed by ‘AAA’ and then ‘AA’

At TopTanzanite, we only use stones that are ‘AA’ grade or higher. This ensures that our quality never dips and assures our customers when they purchase any products from us. ‘AAA’ stones form less than 8% of all tanzanites, and are considered to be, while not rare, extremely prized amongst the jewelry community for their color intensity. It is the ‘AAA’ stones which lend Tanzanite their similarity to stones like sapphire.

‘AAAA’ grade stones form one of the highest tiers of tanzanite quality and are considered to be exceptional stones. These stones are some of the darkest and most concentrated tanzanites and we can guarantee that wearing this stone will definitely get you compliments wherever you would be!

Even higher than AAAA stones are D and SD stones. D and SD stones are considered to be the crème de la crème of stones. These stones are definitely rare: for every 10,000 Tanzanites found in the world, only 2 are considered to be D grade or higher.

When we grade clarity, we use the same system as we would if we were grading a diamond. All of TopTanzanite’s center stones are mostly VVS quality, making them exceptionally clear, which sets them apart from all but the rarest of all other gems! Our diamond accents on jewelry are of very high standards and provide the best complement to your stone!

Our stones are masterfully cut in various shapes, and we do not compromise on our cutting. There is no such thing as the perfect shape, because the shape of their jewelry is generally dependent on the customer. Popular shapes include Pear cuts, Round cuts and Trillion cuts (also known as Trilliant cuts), as well as Princess, Emerald, Cushion, Marquise and Oval cuts. Each of these shapes has proved popular within the jewelry industry.

We can also provide you with custom cuts. To avail that service, please book an appointment with us or contact us and we will try our absolute best to accommodate your request.