It is the clarity of the tanzanite that shall render its value. What is clarity in a gemstone? Read More to understand the concept of clarity.


When you decide to buy Tanzanite, it is also important to look at the clarity of the gemstone, along with the darker shades of the color. The more flawless the faceted tanzanite, the more valuable it is.

Everyone knows that gemstone contains some foreign matter or dislocation or irregularity in the crystal lattice, which is only the identified through a microscope. Since inclusions are not unexpected appearances but rather are subject to strict conformities with natural law, they can tell a lot about the origin of the gemstone deposits and, in addition to that, they help in their identification.

In Tanzanite clarity grading is based on the eye-clean standard. Means that a tanzanite is flawless if you don’t see any flaw or inclusions with the unaided eye. The Gemological Institute of America classifies tanzanite as a Type I gemstone, meaning it is usually eye-flawless. Gems with eye-visible inclusions are the traded at deep discounts.

Flawless internally Flawless Vvs1 Vvs2 Vs1 Vs2 Si1 Si2 I1 I2 I3
No internal
Characteristics, may
have minor finishing
very, very slightly included very slightly included slightly included included



a perfect tanzanite is bereft of any inclusions, minor and major. see through, with darker blue color, this type of tanzanite is the most desirable in the market and on our online shop too, and the most prized possession.

internally flawless

positioned between the best and the better, this type of tanzanite is one of the most sold in our online shop, too.

vvs ( very slightly included- vvs1 and vvs2)

may contain minor inclusions that can only be the viewed through a jeweler's magnifying loupe, which magnifies the tanzanite by ten times.

vs (very slightly included- vs1 and vs2)

the inclusions can be viewed only under 10x magnification. desirable, but only of slightly greater value than si11

si (slightly included- si1 and si2)

eye clean gems with inclusions easily seen with 10x maganification. no adverse effect on value.

i (included i1, i2, i3)

inclusions easily are seen with the naked eye. depending on type of addition price is reduced by 20% to 60% our online store sells flawless and internally flawless tanzanites only.