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3 Tanzanite jewelry designs that are a treat for the eyes

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When buying a piece of jewelry, it’s only natural that you’d expect or want it to be unique. In this context, if the design is something that stands out, why should the gemstone be anything less?

There’s no argument that there are plenty of gemstones very capable of making a lasting impression. Then there’s tanzanite, a gem so rare and exquisite, no matter the size, shape or design it's embedded in, making a statement is what it does best.

Tanzanite might not be as old as other gems, but it has a larger than life fan following. Tanzanite’s trichroic nature is its biggest allure - blue, violet, and red hues all in the same stone can be quite mesmerizing. 

At TopTanzanite, we deal exclusively in ethically sourced gems as a mine-to-market brand. From start to finish, the entire process of sourcing, polishing, designing, setting, packing, and delivering a piece of jewelry is monitored closely. We take pride in each distinctive and delightful design that we create in-house. Our focus, for over 40 years, has been on producing top-notch tanzanite jewelry that will take your breath away.

Take a look at just a few pieces from our wide catalog and you’ll see first hand how our designs are truly a treat for the eyes: -

Trillion Tanzanite Earring

Modern Meets Artistic - Tanzanite earrings

Our range of tanzanite earrings cater to all tastes and every occasion you consider. The modern and artistic take on this particular design sets it apart from any other pair out there, especially with a gorgeous trillion-cut AAAA grade tanzanite gemstone. Irrespective of what metal color you choose - rose gold or yellow or white - there’s no mistaking the attraction these earrings create. 

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Round Tanzanite And Diamond Ring

Create Wow Moments with Our Tanzanite and diamond ring

Elegant, sophisticated, and a bold statement piece to adorn your finger with our scalloped halo setting allows the 0.50ct tanzanite gemstone to become the star of the show and thus, so will you. The sparkling cluster of diamonds set in the crown and the band creates a dazzle that you just can’t take your eyes of.

Round Tanzanite Pendant

A Blend of Chic with the Elegance of Tanzanite

The right pendant has the ability to give off a luxurious vibe and create a style that’s uniquely yours. This particular tanzanite pendant from our collection is a stylish combination of pose and meticulous design elements. It all starts with the  0.78ct violetish-blue tanzanite gemstone in the center and radiates outward to the halo of 0.16ctw round-cut diamonds that culminates into its perfectly round design aesthetic. 

At TopTanizanite, design comes with the promise of quality and exclusivity. We are in total control of the production of each piece which gives us the ability to create truly stunning pieces of tanzanite jewelry. Visit our website and you’ll always find something in our collection that will go perfectly with every occasion and ensemble. Follow us on social media and you’ll always be updated on our latest designs and special offers we have available. 

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