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4 Round Cut Tanzanite Pendants Perfect For The Season

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The tanzanite gemstone has found itself as the centerpiece for many stunning jewelry pieces. From earrings to pendants, this gemstone is an eyecatcher no matter what the setting or style. The deep blue and violet hues of the stone have made it one of the most popular gemstones today. Although it was discovered later than most others (in 1967), it has become the choice of stone for those who want a unique engagement ring or jewelry piece. The tanzanite gemstone is also trichroic. When viewed from different angles, the stone displays shades of blue, purple, and even red. 

At TopTanzanite, we offer tanzanite gemstones in a variety of cuts, including round, oval, princess, radiant square, and emerald. Among these, one of the most popular is the round cut, which has 57 facets, allowing the stone to really sparkle. 

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While the alluring gemstone is perfect in any stylish jewelry design, it shines quite brilliantly in these four round-cut tanzanite pendant designs from our collection: -

A Melange of Tanzanite and Diamond 

This particular tanzanite and diamond necklace has a 0.50-carat round-cut tanzanite gemstone in the center. The classic and elegant round shape is surrounded by sparkling GH color diamonds. The stylish design is further enhanced with a diamond-studded bail. The carat weight of the tanzanite gemstone in the center can be customized based on your preference. 

Round Tanzanite And Diamond Pendant

A Touch of Rose Gold 

Set in rose gold, our tanzanite pendant has a 1.97 ct round center gemstone with stunning diamond accents. This is an exclusive design put together by our in-house team of artisans, some of the best in the world. The round-cut tanzanite gemstone is the star of the show with its many facets allowing the stone’s stunning blue-violet color to shine beautifully.

Round Tanzanite Pendants
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The Brilliance of Round Cut

When choosing a piece of jewelry, the artistry that goes into the design is just as important as the cut of the gemstone. Take our dazzling white gold tanzanite necklace, the perfect mix of both fabulous design aesthetics using meticulously cut and refined gemstones. The outcome is a perfectly round diamond pendant with a tanzanite gem that sits spectacularly in its center, as a focal point unlike any other. 

Round Tanzanite Necklace

A Blue Halo

Designed with a 0.50 ct tanzanite gemstone, our halo pendant is an exquisite design. The intricate detailing in the front and the back feature a slew of brilliant diamonds that create a tasteful, elegant look. Four prongs hold the tanzanite gemstone in place, with diamonds set around it closely to create the ever-so-stylish halo. The pendant can also be customized from the size, grade of the tanzanite gemstone and the metal setting - 14k-18k white, rose and yellow gold.

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Round Tanzanite And Diamond Necklace

At Top Tanzanite, we pride ourselves on being a reputed mine-to-market company that ensures that every gem that’s sold in our fabulous collection of tanzanite jewelry or as loose tanzanite stones, is sourced ethically and can be traced back to its mine of origin. Our beautiful tanzanite collection includes tanzanite pendants, beautiful tanzanite necklace designs, earrings, rings, and even stunning tanzanite engagement rings. Browse through the wide selection on our website and follow us on social media for updates and offers. 

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