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Cushion & Oval-cut tanzanite jewelry, why they’re popular

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Anyone who wishes to purchase gemstone jewelry, irrespective of the occasion, must keep the 4 C’s in mind - color, cut, clarity, and cut. We will explore the ‘cut’ in this blog, specifically of the Oval and Cushion variety and how gorgeous they tend to make tanzanite jewelry designs

Reasoning it Right

The ‘cushion’ or ‘pillow cut’ were initially referred to as the ‘Old Mines Cut’. It was introduced in the late 1800s and is a contemporary spin on classic variants. As the name suggests, the gemstone emulates a cushion-like shape. The cushion cut involves 64 precise facets that bring to the surface a gem’s luxuriant brilliance and luster, adding a deeper level of cadence to the jeweled piece. 

Oval-cut, as the name suggests, is a combination of the round and marquise cut. It features 69 facets that give the impression of a larger size. This cut also allows for a larger refraction of light, further amplifying the luster of the gem and bringing out the colors more vividly. For tanzanite’s trichroic nature, that would include a bluish-violet with a slight red, depending on how the light hits it and your angle of view. The shape tends to exude a sense of romance when embellishing jewelry, more so if it’s tanzanite. The oval-cut is also a preferred shape for rings as it tends to make a wearer’s fingers look longer.

Take our 2.02 oval tanzanite ring for instance. The design imparts an imperial appeal, as the gemstone takes center stage with a slew of diamonds worth 0.38 Cttw, that bedazzle the ring.

Oval Tanzanite Ring

Other dazzling designs 

Our artisans pour their passion into creating an outstanding collection of stunning tanzanite jewelry. This brilliant 3 CTW cushion cut tanzanite ring is just one in a long list of examples from our collection. The gorgeous tanzanite wedding ring is studded with three cushion-cut tanzanites weighing one carat each. There is 0.42 CTW of diamonds outlining each gemstone, emphasizing the piece’s brilliance. You can customize the ring by choosing between 14-carat yellow gold or white gold. 

Cushion Cut Tanzanite Ring
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Next on our list is this enchanting 18.19 CT oval tanzanite bracelet that is a bright star in our oval cut tanzanite selection. This magnificent tennis bracelet comprises a brilliant combination of tanzanite and diamonds worth 2.16 carats and is set in sparkling 14-carat white gold. 

Oval Tanzanite Bracelet

Our Top Tanzanite catalog also includes an impressive array of loose cushion-cut tanzanite gemstones as well as those in oval and many other options. These can be purchased and customized in-house, when you reach out to us.

Top Tanzanite has established a reputable market position at a global level, over the last 42 years. We have been acknowledged as a respectable mine-to-market brand for selling authentic, certified tanzanite jewelry and loose tanzanite gems. To buy tanzanite jewelry online visit our website and check out our wide selection of tanzanite jewelry ranging from tanzanite bracelets, tanzanite pendants, rings and more. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and offers.

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