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Explore the Various Hues of Tanzanites, Know the Best One for Your Taste

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Tanzanite, a gemstone rarer than diamonds and exclusive to the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is renowned for its captivating spectrum of hues. This exquisite stone exhibits an extraordinary phenomenon known as pleochroism, displaying different colors when viewed from different angles. From deep blues to vibrant violets, each tanzanite piece has a unique color palette reflecting its individuality. Some stones even showcase a lush green hue, a nod to their mineralogical roots in zoisite. Dive into the enchanting world of tanzanite colors, exploring some exquisite pieces from Top Tanzanite's collection–from white gold tanzanite bracelets to tanzanite and diamond engagement rings. It will help you discover the hue that best resonates with your taste.

The Magic of Violetish-Blue 

0.76ct Oval Tanzanite Earring With 0.13 Cttw Diamond

This white gold tanzanite necklace showcases the mesmerizing violetish-blue hues of tanzanite. The timeless oval tanzanite stone is a sight to behold, akin to the captivating depths of a clear midnight sky or the tranquil expanse of a serene ocean. The surrounding diamonds enhance the tanzanite's brilliance, creating a stunning contrast that draws attention to the gemstone's rich color.

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Touch of Green-Blue

10.98ct Cushion Zoisite Gemstone 12.88x10.21 MM

This cushion-cut zoisite gemstone offers an intriguing alternative for those seeking a unique twist on traditional tanzanite. While tanzanite is typically known for its blue and violet hues, zoisite, its parent mineral, can also exhibit a rich green color. This particular tanzanite stone showcases a lush, forest-like green hue, contrasting with traditional tanzanite colors. Its large size and cushion cut allows for a full display of its unique color, making it an eye-catching piece for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

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The Warmth of Copper

1.75ct AAAA Pear Tanzanite Rings With 0.31 Cttw Diamond In 14K Yellow Gold

This genuine tanzanite ring is a stunning showcase of tanzanite's unique copper hue. This shade, reminiscent of a warm sunset or glowing ember, adds an unexpected twist to the traditional color spectrum of tanzanite. The pear-shaped cut of the gemstone enhances its color depth, allowing the copper hue to radiate with intensity. Complemented by the warm glow of yellow gold and the sparkle of surrounding diamonds, this ring is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the warmth and richness of copper tones.

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An Ode to Nature

2.58 Ct AAAA Pear Tanzanite Earring With 0.26 Cttw Diamond In 14K White Gold

These pear-cut tanzanite earrings beautifully encapsulate the deep blue hue of tanzanite. This shade, akin to a clear midnight sky or the ocean's depths, exudes a sense of tranquility and depth. The pear-shaped cut of the gemstone enhances its color intensity, allowing the blue hue to shine brilliantly. Set in white gold and surrounded by diamonds, these earrings offer a stunning visual experience highlighting the richness of tanzanite's blue spectrum.

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At Top Tanzanite, we offer a diverse range of high-quality tanzanite jewelry designs — from tanzanite hoop earrings to white gold tanzanite bracelets that showcase the gemstone's captivating spectrum of hues. Whether you're drawn to the serenity of blue, the uniqueness of green, the elegance of violet, or the dynamic blend of blue and violet, there's a piece in our collection that perfectly suits your taste. Your journey into the mesmerizing world of tanzanite begins with us!

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our offerings and discover the tanzanite hue that speaks to you. Also, don't forget to follow us @toptanzanite for exclusive deals and updates on our latest designs.

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