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From Mine to Market: The Journey of Tanzanite Jewelry

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Tanzanite gemstones are as mysterious as they are mesmerizing. Geologists claim that the probability of another occurrence of tanzanite's unique formation is one in a million. With its exclusive occurrence in Tanzania, we at Top Tanzanite source our gems directly from the mines. The raw gemstone is then transported to our factory in Jaipur, India where it is pre-cut and heated to bring out its unique blue-violet hue. The stones are then shaped and polished to create beautiful faceted stones that are cherished by our customers around the globe.

Our tanzanite jewelry is truly unique as we are a ‘mine to market’ manufacturer and ethically source our tanzanite gemstones directly from our mines. We process them in-house which allows us to trace each finished stone to its origin. Our in-house gemologists inspect and grade each stone individually, ensuring only the finest gemstones are a part of our jewelry.

We have shortlisted four pieces in our wide array of tanzanite jewelry for sale; these feature magnificent designs and cuts. Take a look:
A promise of brilliance 

Tanzanite bracelets

When selecting a trillion-cut tanzanite, it is important to choose a stone with a deep, rich color and excellent clarity to fully appreciate the beauty of the cut. Our expert artisans take great care in selecting the highest quality gemstones for our tanzanite bracelets, like this one. You can rest assured that each stone is meticulously chosen to showcase its unique brilliance.

 An epitome of elegance 

tanzanite hoop earrings

These tanzanite earrings not only complete an outfit but are also a great way of self-expression. The enchanting deep blue hue of the trillion cut tanzanite gemstones is a true testament to the unparalleled beauty of this gemstone. The alluring brilliance and clarity of each stone are further enhanced by the enduring sparkle of diamonds.

A labor of love

tanzanite pendants

The soft hue of rose is always a romantic touch; refined and composed, it is showcased in this stunning pendant. Wearing tanzanite pendants has remained a tradition since they were first discovered in 1967. The stone enables us to express ourselves and add personality to any ensemble. Lending a sense of luxury and love, this metal color is also a stellar choice for gifting.

The power of tanzanite 

tanzanite gemstones

Due to their rarity and violetish-blue hue, tanzanite gemstones are highly valued. It is said to be a stone of transformation that helps balance your life by stimulating the various chakras. If you’re looking to add this powerful stone to your collection, a trillion cut is a popular choice. This unique cut maximizes the color and brilliance of the stone.

In every shape and style, tanzanite jewelry continues to captivate with its unusual and enchanting aura. The popularity of tanzanite gemstones is soaring. There’s always a growing interest and appreciation for tanzanite and its unique qualities. Our world-class artisans create beautiful tanzanite jewelry designs using sketches and 3D models. We offer free shipping within the US*, a lifetime warranty, and a certificate of authenticity with every purchase from our collection. 

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