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Exploring Tanzania's Top 4 Gemstones

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After its discovery in 1967, tanzanite was named after its home country, Tanzania. While it has gained popularity as one of the most gorgeous gemstones of Tanzania, the country also has abundant gem wealth. Join us in exploring Tanzanian gemstones that have captured the attention of gem enthusiasts worldwide.


One of Tanzania's precious stones, ruby is incredibly sought after for its intense red color and shine. It exhibits a unique color saturation that is highly prized in the gemstone market. A popular option for traditional jewelry, it is also a July birthstone.

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Another precious gemstone, sapphire comes in different colors, typically, blue. The Umba region, in particular, prominently produces it in a spectrum of colors, sometimes displaying unique color zoning and multi-color effects. It is valued for its brilliance and durability.

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Tsavorite Garnet:

Named after Tsavo National Park, in Kenya, where it was first discovered, it is also found in the northeastern part of Tanzania. It comes in a variety of green shades from minty green to an intense deep green, reminiscent of emeralds. Comparatively, it has greater dispersion and brilliance.


A very small mining area near the Mererani Hills is used for Tanzanite mining in Tanzania. Celebrated as one of the rare gemstones of Tanzania, it is also one of the official birthstones of December. Due to its exclusivity, bold hues, and trichroic nature, it has become a symbol of Tanzanian pride and heritage. Declared as "the gemstone of the 20th century", it also has great investment potential. The experts predict that the mines may deplete soon and no new gemstones will be left for first-time buyers.

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So, if you’re planning to be a custodian of this unique gemstone, we welcome you to explore our collection at Top Tanzanite. With over 42 years of experience, we offer a wide range of exquisite jewelry and loose stones in various shapes, including the following:

AA Round Certified Tanzanite


9mm in size, this natural calibrated tanzanite features one of the most classic cuts. Round shape is known for maximizing the sparkle and brilliance of the gemstone.

AAA Cushion Certified Tanzanite

Let your vintage style stand out with this opulent cushion cut tanzanite. Whether used as the centerpiece in a ring or as a striking pendant, it will exemplify sophistication and elegance.

AAAA Radiant Certified Tanzanite

Weighing 17.22 carats, this gemstone makes a bold statement. The dazzling display of color and luminosity makes it so valuable.

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For customization requests and other queries, send us an email here. Don’t forget to join our community @toptanzanite on social media for exclusive offers.

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