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Spectacular Tanzanite Jewelry Under $1000

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Fine jewelry, especially from reputed manufacturers, lasts longer and more often than not, becomes something passed down from one generation to the next. Tanzanite, because of its rarity, gorgeous color and metaphysical properties is always a favorite. Our tanzanite jewelry collection consists of elegant and versatile pieces, made with ethically sourced gems and put together by the talents of some of the world’s finest artisans. 

At TopTanzanite, we create special  pieces for every individual, for every occasion, that will last the test of time. Here are a few of our stunning pieces that you’ll love, that are under $1000 (USD): -

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Versatile and Vibrant 

The combination of white gold and tanzanite is extraordinary because of the striking contrast in colors. One of our classic tanzanite pendant designs, it has an oval-cut tanzanite gemstone in the center, with a line of sparkling diamonds surrounding it. The vibrant blue of the tanzanite gemstone can be customized as per the gemstone’s grade. 

tanzanite pendants

Classic, With a Twist 

Our tanzanite rings make perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones. This particular ring combines a contemporary design with a twist. The halo of diamonds takes center stage, around the superb oval-cut tanzanite gemstone and the band, with its clean curved design, creates a sensational style that’s very chic. 

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tanzanite rings
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Enduring Style

Our customizable tanzanite earrings take brilliant oval-cut tanzanite gemstones and put them front and center. With a ring of radiant diamonds around each tanzanite gem, the deep violet-blue hues of the stone shine even brighter. The best part is, you can customize these earrings in a variety of ways - choose the carat weight and grade of the tanzanite gem or even the color of the metal - from 14K yellow, white or rose gold, up to 18K. 

tanzanite earrings

The tanzanite gemstone is a relatively new addition to the gemstone family and has soared in popularity for a number of reasons. A trichroic gemstone, it has the ability to show three different colors, when viewed at different angles: Violet, blue and red. The captivating blue color of the stone is a result of a heat treatment, which does not change the composition of the stone in any way. 

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Look through the entire collection on our website, which includes tanzanite bracelets and tanzanite necklace designs, and we’re sure you’ll find something for yourself or someone else. Since the Christmas Holidays are here, it’s a great time to gift tanzanite jewelry, especially for December-borns, since it’s also their birthstone.

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