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The best way to look after your precious tanzanite jewelry

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Tanzanite, which is rarer than diamonds and almost as well-known, has risen in popularity like a Hollywood starlet in the 50 years after its discovery. It is a beautiful trichroic zoisite variety that showcases a stunning color range from violet to blue, with hints of red, depending on how you view it. Geologically, its hue is formed by a conventional heating technique. 

The beauty of this timeless gemstone has been adored for the exquisite collection of jewelry it has been used in. To retain the vibrant hue and elegance of the tanzanite gemstone, one must maintain it with utmost care. 

Tanzanite Gemstones

Here are a few simple tips to keep your tanzanite jewelry at it’s glamorous best:

1. Warm water, light soap, and a soft bristle brush should be used to clean tanzanite jewelry. It should be thoroughly rinsed after washing as the remains of the soapy water on its surface can dull the stone.

2. The top of the stone can be polished with a clean, soft cloth to make it shine. You may also get the ring cleaned professionally, but make sure the cleaner doesn't employ steam or high-frequency vibration for cleaning.

    Ranzanite Earring
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    3. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners to clean tanzanite as it could damage the gem.

    4. Tanzanite ranks 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale which means, you need to be careful to avoid strikes or dashes against a hard surface.

    5. To preserve the quality of a tanzanite gem, avoid extreme temperature fluctuations and severe abrasives. It must be kept away from hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

    6. Always remember to check the tanzanite stone settings to keep your jewelry in good shape. If you notice a loose setting, get it fixed right away.

      Tanzanite Rings

      7. Tanzanite rings and bracelets, while absolutely dazzling, and fashionable can be damaged simply because of where they are worn - a bump against a table, or graze against a rough surface where your hands are. However, tanzanite necklaces and tanzanite earrings are far less prone to these same “obstacles”.  


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