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We are a true "Mine-To-Market" brand - a Top Tanzanite Perspective

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We, at TopTanzanite, take pride in our vertically integrated supply chain that extends from the mines to the market. We feel that adopting this method allows us to offer the finest quality tanzanite jewelry for sale while also ensuring ethical and sustainable procedures throughout the entire process. For us, being a "mine-to-market" brand is more than simply a label; it is a dedication to excellence and sustainability. 

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Here are a few FAQs that will help our customers understand our system of operation better:

Q1: What does "Mine-to-Market" mean?

"Mine-to-Market'' is a business model demanding the company be involved in every step of a gemstone's journey, from mining the rough gemstone to making the finished product and finally dispatching the tanzanite jewelry to the market for people to purchase. It covers the entire supply chain process elaborately, ensuring complete control and transparency over the gemstone's sourcing, cutting, polishing, and craftsmanship.

Q2: Do you own any mines in Tanzania?

We have priority access to an exclusive mine in Tanzania. This enables us to exercise total control over the mining process in order to make sure that the gemstones are sourced ethically and extracted in accordance with local laws and regulations. In all of our operations, we prioritize fair labor practices, community engagement, and environmental conservation. We also aim to give back to Tanzanian communities by sponsoring social and economic development programs.

Q3: What does ethical sourcing mean?

We are committed to ethical sourcing and follow strict guidelines to ensure that our tanzanite gemstones are ethically sourced and mined. Tanzanite is collected in its rough crystal state by local miners from almost a half mile underground. We guarantee you environmentally safe, fair, and conflict-free gemstones from a reputable source as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-compliant enterprise.

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 Q4: How does Mine-to-Market help the customer?

With our "Mine-to-Market" approach, we are able to give our consumers high-quality, ethically sourced, and artistically created tanzanite jewelry, all while maintaining transparency and trust in our supply chain process. It enables us to provide a broader range of design and customization options. We house professional cutting and crafting facilities that help make an exclusive tanzanite jewelry design that can also be tailored to suit the likes and preferences of our customers. 

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Our "Mine-to-Market'' method is key to Top Tanzanite's business philosophy. It demonstrates our dedication to quality, sustainability, openness, and client pleasure. Our excellent tanzanite stones are responsibly acquired directly from mines, then cut and created in-house, allowing you to track each final stone back to its origin.

With 42 years of expertise as one of the world's largest Tanzanite jewellery producers, we are grateful to have earned the appreciation, respect, and, most importantly, confidence of our cherished clients all over the world.

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