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Why Customers Opt For Our Customized Tanzanite Jewelry

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With over 42 years of experience as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of real tanzanite jewelry, Top Tanzanite’s product catalog is as extensive as it is appealing. In addition, our range of services includes the customization of loose tanzanite stones into designs of your choice. This allows you to get your hands on tanzanite jewelry pieces aligned with your unique style and vision.

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From rings to pendants, our customized tanzanite jewelry pieces reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction. Here are four exquisite examples of our craftsmanship:

Magical Marine Charm

Seahorses are an embodiment of some distinct traits like persistence, devotion, and loyalty. One of our customers chose this powerful symbol for this customized tanzanite pendant, which was a gift to their better half. It is always a delight to be a part of such love stories!

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Empowering Your Imagination

The customization request for this pear pendant, featuring a butterfly motif, exemplifies that women's tanzanite jewelry goes beyond aesthetics and trends. A classic sign of nature’s beauty, butterflies symbolize transformation, renewal, and rebirth. We hope the customer loved wearing it as much as we loved designing it for them.

Mystical Depths


Symbolizing abundance, prosperity, and fertility, fish hold significance in many cultures and mythologies. The idea of featuring it in jewelry dates back thousands of years. We are sure that this oval tanzanite pendant will pen a story of history and traditions as an heirloom piece.

Graceful Flight

Due to their association with joy, hope, and independence, hummingbirds are considered lucky, but it isn't common to spot them every day. Donning jewelry pieces adorned with these free-spirited creatures is a remarkable great idea! This tanzanite jewelry set features these spiritual messengers, while the bold gemstones take center stage.

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How to get a tanzanite stone jewelry piece customized?

To begin with, shop for loose tanzanite stone(s) from our website and get in touch with our team here. Our customization process unfolds through a simple series of steps:

1. We create a sketch of the proposed product. It is later processed into a Computer-aided design (CAD) which is a 3D rendering of your product.
2. We prepare a mold to get precise measurements.
3. We make a rough casting by pouring the metal into the mold, cooling, and demolding.
4. We polish the metal and use specific procedures based on the metal type for the best appearance. Once polished, the semi-mount is ready for gemstones.
5. We first set the diamonds in the piece.
6. Finally, we add your beautiful tanzanite to its setting. For the tanzanite to be secure, we make sure the prongs are tight.

Voila! Your one-of-a-kind piece of tanzanite fine jewelry is ready to be shipped out to you from our office in New York. Your order also includes a Certificate of Authenticity, free lifetime warranty and free shipping across the US*.

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Throughout this process, transparency is our utmost priority. We steer clear of additional consulting costs, no hidden commitments, and extra charges. Looking forward to bringing your tanzanite jewelry dreams to life!

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