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Why tanzanite jewelry owners are considered custodians of this rare gem

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Tanzanite is one of the most remarkable gemstones on earth and quite possibly the most underestimated, comparative with its uniqueness. Tanzanite is a trichroic stone that reflects various shades, going from light blues or lilacs to profound indigos and violets.

It was discovered during the 1960s and named after the land of its origin - in the Merelani Hills in Tanzania. The origin of these exquisite gemstones adds a sense of mystery to its ownership. Of the many significant gemstones found throughout the last 90 years, tanzanite is the main one to have been added to the birthstone list for December-born by the American Gem Trade Association; a further sign of its prominence, and excellence. It was also commended 'the gemstone of the twentieth century’. 

The entirety of the realized stores is restricted to a couple of square miles of land in northern Tanzania. It is a solitary gemstone with a huge and developing ubiquity that has a particularly restricted stock. A few mining experts accept that at present, known tanzanite assets could be drained within a few years. The rare gem, with its striking and extraordinary shadings is expected to have just 1% of accessibility and will be of incredible worth when mining stops.

TopTanzanite is a brand with over four decades of experience in the industry. We offer some of the best tanzanite jewelry designs available in the market with a diverse collection. We make the process of owning a rare piece of beautiful tanzanite jewelry seamless. For remarkably intricate designs, it’s always best to go with a brand that offers something unique and stylish, like those you’ll find in our catalogues. So when looking to buy tanzanite jewelry that stands out, here are some of our enticing pieces - 

1. Natural Tanzanite Bracelet: This stunning yellow gold bracelet has a large stone delicately placed in 16 links that encircle the wrist. The frame is made of elegant 14 carat yellow gold graced by 2.46 tct diamonds. When paired with exciting partywear, the bracelet will easily add the perfect level of charm to your look.

2. Oval Tanzanite Ring: This gorgeous ring has the oval shaped, royal violetish-blue color of a stunning tanzanite gemstone in 1.71ct AAAA with 0.23 ct tw diamonds in 14K YG. The graceful, patterned ring is an excellent statement piece for any occasion.

Top Tanzanite is the most trusted brand when it comes to tanzanite jewelry for sale and we ensure the highest standards of quality. We take pride in helping our customers become true custodians of this rare gem by provisioning authorized certification for each piece of our jewelry or gemstone sold while making sure it’s all sourced ethically. So, get yourself a brilliant piece today and spread more love and appreciation.

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