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4 Ways Tanzanite Stands Out from Its Alternatives

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Tanzanite gemstones are highly sought after for their multidimensional colors and color changing properties. While the most dominant color is blue, it is also a characteristic shared with many other gemstones. So, as a buyer, it's essential to recognize the distinguishing features that set tanzanite apart from the rest.

We have outlined 4 top reasons along with some of our ravishing tanzanite loose stones here:

Nature’s Rare Masterpiece

5.02ct Trillion Certified AAAA Tanzanite Gemstone 10.97x10.80mm

When it comes to exclusivity, tanzanite takes the lead amongst its alternatives like sapphire, iolite, amethyst, and others. According to geologists, its formation is incredibly unique, and the likelihood of a similar occurrence is estimated at a million to one. Extracted from an area of about eight miles in Tanzania, tanzanite’s rarity is one of its primary claims to fame. Experience its magic firsthand with our unique collection, featuring this trillion-cut tanzanite.

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Deep & Rich Hues

10.45ct Cushion Certified AAAA Tanzanite Gemstone 12.20x11.30mm

The saturation and vivid colors of tanzanite increase its value and make it desirable vis-à-vis other gemstones such as aquamarine and blue topaz. While sapphires can be used as imitations of tanzanite, the distinctive color of the latter accentuates its excellence. This is the reason tanzanite stands out as a bold choice. Exude confidence and sophistication with this cushion-cut gemstone, designed to captivate hearts.

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Tantalizing Trichroism

17.22ct Radiant Certified AAAA Tanzanite Gemstone 18.42x12.50mm

Have you wondered what lends depth and complexity to tanzanite gemstones, such as this radiant-shaped beauty? It is trichroism, defined as the ability to display three colors from different angles. This is one of the tanzanite's most distinct characteristics, unlike amethyst (pleochroic) and iolite (dichroic).

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A Modern Marvel

22.81ct Oval Certified AAAA Tanzanite Gemstone 18.41x15.29mm

Since its discovery in 1967 and inclusion in the list of official birthstones in 2002, tanzanite has become highly esteemed. So much so that it is celebrated by specialists as the gemstone of the 20th century. This modern allure distinguishes it from other traditional alternatives like sapphire, amethyst, and aquamarine. Add this fresh and unique gemstone to your collection by getting your hands on this marvelous loose tanzanite stone featuring an oval cut.

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We offer custom creation of jewelry to craft a piece that truly reflects your style. Receive a free quote for your desired design by connecting with us here. Our collection of tanzanite stones for sale and finished jewelry is available for you at our website. Follow us @toptanzanite on social media for the latest designs and exclusive offers.

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