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5 Key Benefits of Owning a Blue Gemstone

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The canvas of nature is adorned with a myriad of colors, such as blue, the color of serenity and depth. As a gemstone, it not only accentuates the beauty of the jewelry piece but also offers various spiritual and astrological benefits. Here are the top five reasons why adding this color to your gemstone collection is a great idea:

Rarity: One of the most prominent yet rare colors in nature, blue enhances the aesthetic value of any ensemble. It always fits the bill, no matter the season or occasion.
Physical Healing: Blue gemstones are used for their perceived pain-relieving and immunity-boosting properties. They are believed to help manage headaches, migraines, and skin conditions.

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Throat Chakra Balancing: Various blue gemstones resonate with one or more of the seven chakras present in the human body. Blue represents the throat chakra, associated with expression and communication.

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Relationships: Speaking of communication, it is the guiding light of any relationship. Blue gemstones facilitate honest and authentic expression of your feelings, ultimately deepening your relationship with someone you love. This helps bring peace to relationships.
Spiritual Strengths: The calming properties of the blue color support emotional stability and promote spiritual growth. It is associated with wisdom, intuition, and trust.

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If looking for a gemstone that offers all these benefits (and more), look no further than tanzanite. Found in exclusively one place on the earth, tanzanite blue stone is as rare as it is enchanting. In fact, natural tanzanite is trichroic, with the ability to appear blue, violet, or purple depending on the lighting and viewing angle.

We, at Top Tanzanite, are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tanzanite jewelry. Here are some of our violetish-blue tanzanite gemstones, that have captivated our customers worldwide:

A Symbol of Love

Tanzanite stone is a popular option for engagement rings or romantic gifts. When cut in such a charming heart shape, it speaks volumes about your feelings.

A Graceful Statement

Featuring a pear cut, this 21.54x14.91 mm rare tanzanite stone is one of a kind. This bold and beautiful piece will truly stand out in your ensemble.

A Vintage Cut

We also offer tanzanite loose stones in a cushion shape, as pictured here. Perfect for those who prefer vintage opulence, this marvel weighs 5.78ct.

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Our collection of loose tanzanite gemstones includes various other shapes, such as round, oval, emerald, and more. Our website is user-friendly, making it easy for you to buy tanzanite and get it customized in a few steps. We strive to be transparent about the mining and heating process and have disclosed the comprehensive details of all the listed products. We recommend reading these reviews and experiences before making the purchase.

Don’t forget to follow us @toptanzanite on social media for the latest designs and exclusive offers.

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