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A Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Tanzanite Pendant

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Pendant necklaces are beautiful statement pieces to accentuate any outfit. Among the plethora of choices, tanzanite emerges as a beloved favorite among jewelry enthusiasts globally. Renowned for its captivating violetish-blue hue and rarity, tanzanite pendants showcase the unparalleled beauty of this gemstone. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, buyers might often find it overwhelming to find the perfect tanzanite jewelry design. Customers must consider the following factors before making the purchase:

Understanding tanzanite: Explore the unique qualities of tanzanite. Learn about its remarkable color variations, hardness, and metaphysical properties.

Choosing the perfect cut: The cut of tanzanite pendants plays a vital role in its brilliance and sparkle. Discover the various cuts available, such as cushion, oval, pear, or emerald, and how they can accentuate the tanzanite's beauty in different ways.

Embrace the art of setting: From classic solitaires to intricate halo designs, each setting brings its own charm to the pendant. Which one reflects your style?

Evaluating quality: Learn how to assess the quality of tanzanite by understanding the 4 Cs - Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently choose your dream tanzanite and diamond necklace.

Customization: Choose between bespoke designs or select your preferred metal type. It will significantly impact the overall look and allow you to express your individual style. 

Here are our top three tanzanite pendants that must be a part of your collection:

Exude regal charm 

white gold tanzanite necklace

This emerald-cut white gold tanzanite necklace is an exquisite masterpiece that adds elegance and a regal charm to whatever outfit it is paired with. Its versatility makes it the perfect statement piece that will leave you feeling radiant and confident in its timeless allure.

Captivating elegance 

tanzanite and diamond necklace

Featuring a lustrous pear-shaped gemstone, this tanzanite and diamond necklace draws attention with every movement. The combination of the rare violetish-blue tanzanite and sparkling diamonds creates a mesmerizing contrast, enhancing the pendant's allure.

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 Elegance in warm hues


tanzanite heart necklace

Set in 18k yellow gold, this tanzanite heart necklace is a perfect choice for gifting or treating yourself to an extraordinary piece of jewelry. With its exquisite design and captivating hue, it will become a timeless symbol of love, appreciation, or simply a celebration of life's precious moments.

At Top Tanzanite, our dedicated team of experienced experts assists you in finding the tanzanite jewelry design that perfectly matches your vision. With internationally updated methods and meticulous craftsmanship, we excel in delivering the perfect size, proportion, finish, and shape. Enjoy the added convenience of free shipping within the US*, and a lifetime warranty, making your shopping experience seamless and worry-free.  

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