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Modern Birthstone: Tanzanite is the Perfect Gift for December Borns

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The concept of associating gemstones with birth months has roots in ancient traditions and varies across cultures. Discovered in 1967, tanzanite was officially designated as a December birthstone in 2002. While this month has 3 different birthstones, tanzanite is a more contemporary addition to the traditional birthstone list. Natural tanzanite , known for its enchanting bold hues, symbolizes transformation, spiritual insight, and a connection to higher consciousness. So, for those born in this month, owning birthstone jewelry serves as a meaningful connection to age-old traditions and a distinctive expression of individuality.

With that in mind, we have shortlisted four of our fabulous tanzanite jewelry that would make an extraordinary gift.

Exceptional clarity

6.25ct Oval Tanzanite Men's Ring With 0.12 Cttw Diamond


The inherent value of tanzanite lies in its outstanding clarity. According to the Gemological Institute of America, it is a Type I gemstone, often appearing flawless to the eye. 

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This December, elevate the significance of gifting by opting for tanzanite birthstone rings. Our men's tanzanite rings, like this one, are expertly faceted to brilliantly capture and reflect light. The oval-shaped tanzanite takes the spotlight with its deep hue, radiating a sense of regality and luxury.

Aesthetic Beauty

3.93 Ct AAAA Oval Tanzanite Earring With 0.45 Cttw Diamond In 18K White Gold


Tanzanite stone one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal has established it as one of the most popular gemstones globally. Moreover, its vibrant hues and the geological conditions required for its formation contribute to its status as a captivating and naturally occurring marvel.

So, if you wish to give this mesmerizing gemstone to someone this month, we highly recommend these tanzanite earrings. Nestled within drop-shaped diamond halos, timeless oval-cut tanzanites take center stage here.  

Unique Metaphysical Properties

4.9ct Oval Tanzanite Pendant With 0.12 Cttw Diamond

Tanzanite’s physical and emotional healing energies truly stand out in the world of gemstones. From allowing the wearer to balance emotions to removing blockages that may be hindering the body's natural healing processes, it is a valuable possession, all the more so as a birthstone. 

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Given these remarkable qualities, our tanzanite pendants will make your gift-giving experience even more thoughtful. Consider this masterpiece from our collection, an oval-cut design that seamlessly blends elegance with a modern aesthetic.


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 A Journey Through The Chakras 

tanzanite bracelets


Tanzanite birthstones are connected to the fourth (heart) and the seventh (crown) chakra. While the former is the home of unconditional love, the latter is associated with the center of spirit, enlightenment, and wisdom. 

Given this alignment with two vital chakras, our tanzanite bracelets like this ensure a memorable and meaningful expression of the wearer's birth month. Featuring oval-cut gemstones, the design is complemented by diamonds, making it a versatile gift. 

Over time, birthstones have come to represent not only the month of one's birth but also personal attributes, positive influences, and a touchstone to one's identity and aspirations. December birthstone tanzanite offers a blend of beauty, timelessness, and metaphysical properties that make it a fitting gifting option for December borns. Explore beyond these designs by shopping for our collection of tanzanite engagement rings, tanzanite hoop earrings, and even loose tanzanite stones. 

Top Tanzanite is a mine-to-market manufacturer of ethically sourced, high-quality jewelry. With additional services like free shipping across the US* and a complementary certificate of authenticity, we prioritize customer satisfaction. 

Discover the elegance of tanzanite today. Visit our website and follow us on social media for exclusive deals and the latest in luxury.

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