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Beautiful Tanzanite Jewelry - Bring Home Your Birthstone This December

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Belonging to the zoisite mineral family, the tanzanite gemstone is a stunning example of the incredible processes that occur in nature. This stone is a relatively new addition to the gemstone family, having been discovered only in the early 1960s. The unique aspect about this stone is that it is mined in just one location: Northern Tanzania. Another interesting thing about the gem is its trichroic nature, meaning that it exhibits three colors - blue, purple, and red - when viewed from different angles.

The deep-hues showcase a richness of color and has been designated as the birthstone for December. It is believed that the tanzanite gemstone also possesses metaphysical properties; it is a symbol of truth, dignity, and longevity. It is also believed to have regenerative powers, and therefore, is often kept around those recovering from an illness.

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For those of you looking for a great Christmas or birthday gift for a December-born, or even it’s something for yourself, here are some of our recommendations: - 

Timeless Trends 

Our extensive collection of tanzanite rings features this emerald-cut tanzanite gemstone ring. The beauty of this design lies in its timeless styling. We believe there are certain classics that will last the test of time and this design represents that. The prong setting for the tanzanite gemstone is flanked by diamonds that brings the tanzanite’s violet-blue hues to life. 

Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring

Dazzling Charm

Another reason to gift tanzanite earrings is that they will become quite rare in the future, as the mines are running out of gemstone reserves. This pair of earrings will become a gift to remember, with the charming emerald-cut tanzanite surrounded by sparkling round-cut diamonds. 

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Emerald Cut Tanzanite And Diamond Earring
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Graceful Elegance 

Designed in rose gold, this pick from our range of tanzanite pendants and tanzanite necklaces is created with great care. The prong setting of the center stone keeps it secure, while the diamonds create a vivid contrast to highlight the colors. Even the bail is studded with diamonds, creating an elegant style. 

Emerald Tanzanite Pendant

Enchanting and Glamorous  

Our collection of tanzanite bracelets features a variety of designs. This particular bracelet is on this list because of its impeccable craftsmanship and the fact customers can also opt to customize by changing the metal or carat weight of the tanzanite gemstones. The bracelet has a box clasp which keeps it secure. 

Tanzanite Bracelet

TopTanzanite’s collection of tanzanite jewelry uses gemstones that have been ethically sourced. We believe in our “mine to market” process, so our customers can trace their gemstones back to the mines they were sourced from, if need be. 

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So take a look at our extensive collection of elegant jewelry featuring this rare December birthstone and check it off your gift list for the Holidays. We are also present on social media, so follow us for updates on new products and offers. 

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