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What To Look Out for When Buying a Tanzanite Ring

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Since the discovery of this rare gemstone, tanzanite rings have been a popular piece of jewelry. At Top Tanzanite, our tanzanite rings for sale include tanzanite and diamond engagement rings, tanzanite gold rings, and more, each serving its unique purpose. So, if you’re considering the purchase of one (or more) pieces, this article will help you make a wise decision.

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Establishing a budget is the first step, followed by four major ones listed below. To simplify the process, we have also featured some of our exclusive tanzanite and diamond rings here:  

Understanding 4Cs

2.1ct Cushion Tanzanite Ring With 0.29 Cttw Diamond

Our genuine tanzanite rings are characterized by the following 4Cs:

1) Color - tanzanite hues can vary from intense to lighter ones

2) Clarity - inclusions, if any, can affect its durability

3) Cut - from oval to marquise, different shapes determine the gemstone’s overall face-up color; and

4) Carat weight - ascertains a gemstone’s size, depth, and color. 

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Prioritizing Saturation

8.5ct Cushion Tanzanite Men's Ring With 0.23 Cttw Diamond

Our violetish-blue tanzanite rings, this one, for example, attain their color due to the heat treatment. This process has also increased the saturation of the stone. The richer the saturation, the higher the aesthetic value. So, when you shop for our men's tanzanite rings or any other jewelry piece, rest assured that you’ll be fully informed about the heat treatment.

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Determining Personal Style

1.8ct Oval Tanzanite Ring With 0.8 Cttw Diamond

There's an array of ring types available, and the one you choose should reflect your unique personal style. You can opt for vintage tanzanite rings or contemporary ones. You can also go for tanzanite stackable rings for a casual look or tanzanite cocktail rings for a bold one. If seeking to make a lasting impression at any gathering, we recommend statement tanzanite rings such as this one. The eye-catching design not only demands attention but also exudes opulence.

Finding the Perfect Fit

6.25ct Oval Tanzanite Men's Ring With 0.12 Cttw Diamond

Lastly but importantly, ensure that it sits effortlessly on your finger. Our artisans meticulously craft tanzanite diamond rings that offer both style and comfort, such as this timeless men's ring. We have also collated a size chart to help you find the correct ring size.

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Our real tanzanite rings are available in various setting styles and metal types. From tanzanite rings in white gold to tanzanite rings in rose gold, there’s something for everyone. For a more personalized touch, our custom tanzanite rings are the right option. Get in touch with us here to explore the endless opportunities. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tanzanite jewelry, we possess the expertise required to turn your vision into reality.

Visit our website at or follow us @toptanzanite on social media for the latest designs and exclusive offers.

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