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Your Guide to Charging and Activating Tanzanite

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Tanzanite is a powerhouse of energy. Beyond its aesthetic value, it is a healing stone and a meditation tool. Its metaphysical properties include chakra balancing, which is prevalent in the modern world. Moreover, the deep hues of tanzanite purple gemstones are associated with wisdom, imagination, and spirituality. Such unique properties significantly contribute to the rising market value of tanzanite.

To embark on your spiritual journey using natural tanzanite, it's essential to understand how to derive the utmost benefits from it. Keep reading to learn more!

Charging Tanzanite Stones

After you buy tanzanite, cleanse and charge it to imbue it with positive energy. Here are three methods you can use for this process:

Moonlight: Place the gemstone safely outside on a full moon night. It is the most ideal time to charge and cleanse the gemstone.

Sunlight: Allow the gemstone to bask in sunlight for a few hours. Since its color tends to fade with prolonged sunlight exposure, it is recommended to buy heat-treated tanzanite gemstones for sale.

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Crystal Clusters: Place it in the center of a cluster made with gemstones known for their positive qualities. This allows it to absorb and amplify positive energy.

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Much like other gemstones, tanzanite may lose its potency over time. Hence, regular charging is key.

Activating Tanzanite Stones

Before your gemstone is finally ready to use, you must connect with it on a deeper level, unlocking and harnessing its inherent metaphysical properties. This step is called activating, which can be done in the following ways:

Meditation: Hold the stone in your hand or place it on your body's corresponding chakra during meditation to facilitate a deeper connection.

Visualization: Since it helps increase fertility, place it on or near the reproductive organs and visualize its energy flowing through your body or surrounding you with a protective aura. This technique can help activate the stone's healing and protective properties.

While these steps may amplify the stone’s power, the effectiveness may vary. Personal belief and intention play a significant role in determining the desired results. 

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If you’re considering getting your hands on it, take a look at some of our tanzanite loose gems for sale:

Radiant-Cut Tanzanite Gemstone

You may be mistaken if you thought this was an emerald cut. With its versatile appeal, this contemporary shape has earned its place as one of the most unique styles.

Round-Cut Tanzanite For Sale

A classic shape, it maximizes the gemstone's sparkle and brilliance. Particularly used in engagement rings, it is also extremely popular with pendants, earrings, and more.

Trillion-Cut Tanzanite

Rare tanzanite stones with such a mesmerizing triangular cut offer a high degree of brilliance. When looking for a stylish option, this shape is your best bet.

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With priority access to an exclusive mine, we source natural tanzanite stones directly from Tanzania. Our cutting and heating process brings the trichroic hues of tanzanite blue stones to life. We prioritize rigorous quality checks, ensuring excellence in delivering world-class gemstones and jewelry.

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