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Tanzanite's Role in Balancing Chakras

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topRevered as stones of transformation, tanzanite gemstones possess various metaphysical properties, including chakra healing and balancing. Chakras, by definition, are energy points used in ancient meditation practices. With the popularization of this age-old energy system in the contemporary world, it is essential to understand how chakras promote better emotional and physical well-being.

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Available as enchanting tanzanite rings, tanzanite necklaces, and even loose tanzanite, this rare gemstone primarily influences the following chakras:

Third-Eye Chakra: Between The Eyes

6.32ct AAAA Oval Tanzanite Ring With 1.1 Cttw Diamond In 14K Yellow Gold

In a world where clear thoughts, self-reflection, and sixth sense are the moral compass, this chakra leads the way. Tanzanite is believed to improve its alignment. Wearing tanzanite jewelry, such as our real tanzanite rings, can help create a powerful awakening in consciousness. We recommend this oval-cut ring from our collection, featuring a serene blue gemstone and an intricate design.

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Heart Chakra: At The Center of The Chest

TMR121111 - Abigail - Oval Tanzanite And Diamond Earring Halo

Representing love, compassion, and vulnerability, this chakra helps create a balance between self and others. It is home to the most important energy in the Universe, the love energy, which is highly impacted by tanzanite gemstones. Ignite the spirit of healing and resilience in your heart with our enchanting pieces, such as this pair of tanzanite earrings.

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Throat Chakra: At The Throat

1.8ct Oval Tanzanite Pendant With 0.27 Cttw Diamond

Associated with our ability to communicate impactfully, it helps foster originality and creativity. It is important to recognize your true self and share it with the world. With this chakra looking after our neck, our tanzanite pendants make for suitable healing jewelry. This exquisite piece, for example, features an oval cut set in a design that will delight you for years to come.

Crown Chakras: At The Top of The Head

TTBR1006 - Sapna - Certified AAAA Tanzanite And Diamond Bracelet

With growth, mindfulness, and openness being its crucial elements, it serves as a connection to the Universe and the divine source of creation. Tanzanite gemstones resonate harmoniously with this chakra, helping you gain insight into the course of your life. For a versatile and royal piece of jewelry, we recommend our tanzanite bracelets, such as this one. 

After you buy tanzanite, it is important to cleanse it by

1. rinsing it with water
2. smudging it with sage or palo santo, or
3. placing it under moonlight or sunlight.

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      This helps eliminate any negative energies it may hold within. Thereafter, you can target specific chakras by placing the gemstone on the corresponding focal point of the body. At Top Tanzanite, our collection of tanzanite jewelry and tanzanite loose stones can stimulate and align your chakras, as you embark on your spiritual journey.

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