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Top 4 Picks for December Tanzanite Birthstone Jewelry

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December is one a great month to be born in for several reasons - one being that the mystical and beautiful tanzanite gem is a birthstone. 

It was added to the birthstone list in 2002, the only gemstone to have been awarded this prestigious status since 1912. It’s special for a couple of reasons -

The legend of it’s discovery. In 1967, the gemstone was first discovered at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is said that right after a devastating lightning strike set the plains on fire, a few Maasai cattle herders spotted dazzling blue gemstones lying scattered on the earth.

Reason two - it’s an extremely rare gem. In fact, it’s a thousand times rarer than diamonds and only found in only one place on earth - Tanzania, where we at Top Tanzanite, a true-blue "mine to market" brand, ethically source it directly from the mines, allowing each finished gem to be traced back directly to its source as a service we provide. Each gem that makes it to our catalog is either in the form of gorgeous tanzanite jewelry or loose tanzanite gemstones.

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So, for December-borns who want to be a custodian of their precious and rare birthstone, here are four exquisite pieces from our collection you should consider:-

Tanzanite Ring

Cushion Tanzanite Ring

This magnificent tanzanite ring makes for an excellent addition to any jewelry box. Flaunting a stylish cushion shape cut, this charming 2.26 carat, violet-blue gemstone is further accentuated by 0.43 cttw diamonds in a 14K yellow gold setting. 

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Oval Tanzanite Earring

Oval Tanzanite Earrings

Boasting 4.63 carats of gemstones, these alluring oval tanzanite earrings, in a stunning and deep hue, are all you need to add a touch of elegance for any occasion. Complete with 1.02 cttw diamonds, in a 14K yellow gold setting, they create a stylish impact with subtlety and poise.

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Natural Tanzanite Bracelet

Natural Tanzanite Bracelet

Our 18.31 carat natural tanzanite bracelet, meticulously designed using 17 dazzling, individual gemstones in a whimsical violetish-blue shade is the perfect heirloom piece that you just must have. The gorgeous 2.46 carat diamonds surrounding each tanzanite gemstone blend perfectly with the 14K yellow gold setting to embody timeless luxury.

Oval Tanzanite Pendants

Oval Tanzanite Pendant

Steal the spotlight with this breathtakingly beautiful tanzanite and diamond necklace. Featuring a resplendent 3.65 carat, our oval Tanzanite pendant has also been encrusted with several, glistening 0.22 cttw diamonds and set in 14K yellow gold to make a glamorous statement piece.

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Our 42 years of industry experience as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tanzanite jewelry gives us the credibility to offer our customers only high-quality, environmentally safe, one-of-a-kind collections with a Lifetime Warranty and a free 30 day return policy, no questions asked. 

If you hurry, we’re currently running a special where you can get one of our beautiful pieces at 20% off using the code DISC20. You deserve a birthstone that’s as special as you are, so pick a piece from Top Tanzanite and guarantee it.

If you hurry, we’re currently running a special where you can get one of our beautiful pieces at 20% off using the code DISC20. We're also offering a 50% discount on loose tanzanite stones, when you check out using the code DISC50.

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