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Keep Your Tanzanite Sparkling: 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Jewelry

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Tanzanite, with its deep violetish-blue hue and bewitching allure, is nothing short of mesmerizing. But as much as it captivates the eye, this precious gemstone demands your care and attention. At Top Tanzanite, we are committed to helping you maintain the beauty of our tanzanite jewelry for sale, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your collection for years to come. Whether it is a tanzanite ring, tanzanite bracelet, or tanzanite pendant, read on for some crucial tips to keep these brilliant gemstones sparkling forever.

Cleaning Techniques

1.52 Ct AAAA Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring With 0.75 Cttw Diamond In 14K Yellow Gold

This emerald-cut tanzanite ring in yellow gold is a true showstopper, with its unique setting and vibrant stone radiating an irresistible charm. Regular cleaning is recommended and essential to maintain such exquisite pieces. Use a soft brush and mild, soapy water to carefully scrub away grime and oils that accumulate from daily wear. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth, avoiding harsh rubbing that could scratch the stone or metal.

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Proper Storage

TMR121122 - Madison - Emerald Cut Tanzanite And Diamond Earring Halo

These emerald-cut tanzanite diamond earrings are a stunning accessory that will catch the eye and captivate admirers. These earrings are wearable pieces of art, each making a statement. Proper storage is crucial to prevent scratches or other damages. Use a lined jewelry box with separate compartments. This prevents them from rubbing against other pieces and causing potential damage. Also, ensure they're stored flat to avoid bending the prongs that hold the tanzanite stones in place.

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 Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

3.5ct Emerald Tanzanite Pendant With 0.32 Cttw Diamond

The emerald-cut tanzanite pendant is a piece that demands attention. The vibrant color and classic design make it a standout piece in your collection. To keep tanzanite necklaces like these in top condition, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. Perfumes, lotions, and cleaning products can cause discoloration or damage to stone and metal. Always apply these before putting on your pendant. By avoiding harsh chemicals, you can maintain the pendant's original brilliance and prolong its life.

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Regular Professional Check-ups

TTBR1024 - Parul - Certified AAAA Tanzanite And Diamond Bangle

This tanzanite and diamond bangle is an exquisite piece that embodies elegance and class. To ensure the longevity of such pieces, regular professional inspections are necessary. When you buy this, or anything else from our collection, ensure that experts check the integrity of the setting and the security of the stones. They can also professionally clean the jewelry, reaching areas you may not be able to at home. This will help maintain the bangle's sparkle and ensure it's always ready to wear.

Individual Care Tips

1.7 Ct Emerald Cut Tanzanite Men's Ring With 0.54 Cttw Diamond

This emerald tanzanite men's ring is a testament to the timeless appeal of Tanzanite. To take care of such pieces yourself, ensure they fit properly to prevent damage from slipping off or getting stuck. Regularly check the prongs for security. If the ring becomes loose or the prongs are bent, seek help from professionals.

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When you buy tanzanite, remember proper care will preserve the beauty and value of your jewelry. With Top Tanzanite, each purchase is not merely a transaction but an investment in a legacy—yours and that of a gemstone born from the heart of Africa.

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